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Profile: The Advisory Board Company (ABCo) is a global research, technology, and consulting firm that partners with 230,000 leaders at 5,000 healthcare and higher education organizations.

Situation and Need: When ABCo’s education division (EAB) made a strategic acquisition, it determined additional investment was required to reap the full potential. Experienced Ruby on Rails (RoR) developers were required but the company struggled to find local talent with the necessary skills.

The GAP Factor: GAP created a Ruby on Rails practice years earlier, becoming the largest RoR software outsource company in Costa Rica. A consultant familiar with GAP’s RoR nearshore model recommended outsourcing to EAB’s management. The ability to provide a sizeable team of RoR developers in a time zone convenient to EAB was a deciding factor in selecting GAP.  The quality of the resources contributed to the growth and success of this product. The partnership with GAP is expanding to other products groups at EAB and ABCo’s healthcare division.

Key Benefits: Agile Scrum – GAP’s experience with Agile Scrum methodology matched EAB’s process and aided the smooth interaction and development.
Ruby on Rails – The ability to deliver a sizable team of RoR developers that rapidly contributed code helped EAB meet its product growth objectives
Nearshore Model – The proximity and time zone of GAP’s resources helped EAB overcome its development shortage in a model that smoothly integrated with the education division’s existing team.

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