Profile & Challenge

Decision Resources Group is a global information and technology services company that provides proprietary data and solutions to the healthcare industry. The company had a wealth of data it needed to provide in a timely, effective way including mobile access to its users. The VP of Engineering had previous experience with offshore companies but wanted a partner with technical strength without the timezone issues he faced in the past.

Solution & Outcome

GAP began by architecting and developing a cloud-based big data solution using HiCharts for visualization of a MongoDB database. The application provides visual analysis and drill-down capability for millions of rows of pharmaceutical data across the U.S. This is a multi-tenant application sourcing from a shared MongoDB data source. The user interface is Ruby on Rails with HiCharts. The services layer is Ruby on Rails and the database tier is MongoDB. Later, our team expanded to support a new application developed in Ember, leveraging their domain knowledge about our business with the ability to quickly adopt new and emerging technology. As a result, GAP’s team members became a key part of DRG’s overall team and mission.

I’ve worked with a lot of contractors and yet none have the consistent quality that working with GAP provides.


Patrick Jones

Decision Resources Group, Principal Software Engineer


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GAP offers far more than software development or QA services. We offer the collective wisdom gained from decades of building, growing and running successful businesses. We collaborate with customers to accelerate growth. We provide software solutions to meet business objectives. We operate with transparency and tenacity to deliver an exceptional experience as a continuous software delivery partner.

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