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Software & Data Engineering

Delivering impactful technology requires both speed and accuracy. GAP achieves this with Software and Data Engineering Services, which provide teams that develop software applications, establish reliable data infrastructure, ensure security and compliance, and drive innovation in an increasingly technology-driven world.

You’ll get software development solutions unique to your needs with a team of experts in cloud, SaaS, mobile applications, UX/UI, QA, data science and other in-demand technologies. GAP can analyze, create and modernize your software solutions related to testing, automation and application development, and our team-based approach provides you with the insights needed to make better decisions and achieve superior product outcomes.

Modernize & Mobilize

Get and sustain a competitive edge within your market by leveraging the latest technology. GAP’s team of experts will ensure you remain at the forefront by guiding you through a digital transformation, while also giving you an advantage with proprietary technology tools. During the process, you’ll receive unrivaled counsel from a team of seasoned pros who specialize in modernizing technology stacks, designing and building bespoke software solutions, implementation and integration.

GAP’s team will keep you moving forward by building a strategy, establishing your architecture and modernizing your technology. And you get more than designs, frameworks and next generation roadmaps from the GAP team; you’ll be able to make the best decisions for your business because GAP’s Modernize and Mobilize Services and Products equip you with reports containing actionable insights and recommendations unique to your business needs. GAP also does the leg work to modernize legacy applications — as well as projects to modernize for cloud and data analytics — to ensure your technology investment is delivered efficiently, effectively and on time.

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Ready to put our team to work for yours? Let's get started. We specialize in custom software development and create data solutions to accelerate your digital transformation journey. With GAP’s digital transformation consultant experts and technology solutions, we help drive business outcomes and help technology teams scale faster when they lack the resources or expertise. If you’re ready to dive in and make GAP your software growth partner, let's make innovation your competitive advantage.