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QA is critical. With QA-as-a-service, you get data quality engineering services that ensure you continue to get quality data and meaningful insights. QA-as-a-service prevents headaches and risks caused by human error. As many experienced leaders know, it only takes one mistake to cost you millions to clean up. And when your users are working with complicated applications within a large organization or a company that operates in various regions — the chances of human error are significant.

This presents a huge struggle for companies that don’t have the in-house expertise to ensure their data is clean and readily accessible. GAP builds data-minded engineering teams who are experts in navigating these challenges. With GAP’s QA-as-a-service you’ll get QA expertise, data quality engineering and process consulting along with manual functional and regression testing to ensure that your systems and applications are always working with quality data.

  • Improve data quality
  • Increase accuracy of conclusions
  • Minimize human error

Data Testing Types with GAP’s QA Teams

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Depending on the specific focus and objectives of the testing effort, some relevant types of testing that the GAP’s QA teams perform include the following: 

  • Data Validation Testing involves verifying whether data conforms to predefined standards and rules, ensuring it is accurate, consistent and free from errors. Data validation testing often includes checks for data format, data types and permissible values.
  • Data Integrity Testing is aimed at ensuring data remains intact and reliable throughout its lifecycle. It involves checks to prevent data corruption, unauthorized changes and data loss.
  • Data Migration Testing is specifically focused on ensuring the accurate and complete transfer of data from one system or environment to another. It validates that data is transformed and moved correctly, maintaining its integrity and structure.
  • Database Testing encompasses various types of testing, including data validation, data integrity, performance testing (for database operations), and testing of database-related functionality. It ensures the database — and the data stored within it — function correctly and efficiently.

Why Do You Need to Test Your Data?

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