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In this fireside chat, Growth Acceleration Partners’ CEO and Cofounder Joyce Durst is joined by Dr. Sue Tripathi – Partner, Data, Analytics, Technology and Transformation at IBM, to discuss the benefits that pairing with an end-to-end transformation partner can yield.

GAP’s CEO and Cofounder Joyce Durst joined best-selling author Matt Brown as a guest on his podcast, “Secrets of #Fail” to dive deep into the world of failures and lessons learned along the way. Matt’s podcasts tell the stories of entrepreneurs and business thought leaders, one conversation at a time. In this episode, watch as Joyce discusses when to take “one step forward” and the importance of listening to what people are doing. She also talks about pivots and contingency plans if things don’t work to ensure multiple paths to success. We encourage you to watch this very engaging conversation.

GAP’s CEO and Cofounder Joyce Durst was a recent guest for the “Tech Talks with Lou” podcast, hosted by Lou Temlett. In addition to sharing information about evolution of needs for computer engineering and technology working as design, listen to the episode to hear Joyce talk about creating a values-first tech business and technology for good, focusing on customer connection, excellent service and understanding purpose.

GAP’s CEO and Cofounder Joyce Durst spoke with Austin Technology Council CEO Thom Singer for his podcast, Austin Tech Connect. In the episode titled, “Digital Transformation in Data Solutions,” Joyce talks through a variety of topics, including her move from big companies to leading a start-up, and the uniqueness of GAP’s culture. ATC, the largest tech industry organization in Central Texas, empowers members through insights, resources and connections to succeed and thrive. 

Thom previous interviewed Joyce in late 2020 for the “Making Waves at the C-Level Podcast.”

GAP’s Chief Innovation Officer Dave Moore was recently interviewed on the Tech for Non-Techies podcast, hosted by Sophia Matveeva. Watch the YouTube interview to see Dave talk about why smart tech companies design for failure, and what all innovators can learn from the massive gaming industry. When you listen to the podcast, you’ll hear more from Dave about what “gamification” really is — and why it works to engage users and drive revenues. Plus get his take on who has to be involved to make a successful team (and how there’s plenty of opportunity for non-technical professionals to thrive).

GAP’s VP of Marketing Jocelyn Sexton was a recent guest on the Masters of Service podcast, hosted by Kurt Lefever. In the episode, Jocelyn discusses B2B marketing, using unique qualities to stand out in a crowded market, and how GAP’s values and culture positively impact its success.

Listen to “”Unleashing the Power of Strategic Technology Solutions: Lessons from GAP’s Unique Approach” with Jocelyn Sexton” on Spreaker.

GAP’s VP of Marketing Jocelyn Sexton was recently interviewed on the Business Ninjas podcast, hosted by Kelsey McDonald. In the episode, you can watch Jocelyn talk about digital transformation, and what it can mean for organizations deploying technology to automate their business. She also discusses how she promotes GAP’s software and data engineering teams that help you scale smarter when it comes to cloud computing, big data, mobile apps and more.

GAP’s CEO and Cofounder Joyce Durst was recently interviewed on the Management Blueprint Podcast, hosted by Steve Preda. In the episode, you can watch Joyce talk about keeping employees and customers for life. She also breaks down how to run remote teams successfully and the ways diversity can be a company’s secret weapon.

GAP’s CEO and Cofounder Joyce Durst was a guest on the Tech Leader Talk Podcast, hosted by Steve Sponseller. Listen to the episode to hear tips from GAP’s experienced tech startup leader, who has learned many lessons in her 21 years of experience as a CEO. Joyce talks about starting with a foundation of values, tips for growing your team, managing remote work for team members, the importance of occasional in-person team meetings and much more.

GAP’s CEO and Cofounder Joyce Durst was a guest on the SaaS Scaled Podcast, hosted by Arman Eshraghi. Check out the episode today to hear about Joyce’s experiences, and how digital transformation has changed over time.

GAP’s CEO and Cofounder Joyce Durst was recently spotlighted as a guest on the Action & Ambition Podcast, hosted by Chase Geiser and featured in Entrepreneur magazine. Listen to the episode to hear more about Joyce’s leadership journey. And learn more about how GAP is a strategic technology solutions partner providing an exceptional experience in digital transformation and the delivery of software and data solutions.