Why the Americas Delivery Model

Experience the best of both worlds

There are two equally important demands placed on companies today with regard to software delivery:

  1. The ever-increasing need for high-quality software delivery with velocity at scale
  2. The economic reality that the availability, cost and need for continuity in software engineering in the U.S. remains at an all-time high.Concerning the first issue, if you lean too far offshore, you may experience the “high cost of low cost.” This is where the structure and team look good on a spreadsheet, but the quality curve of delivery starts to rapidly evaporate as the time zones and cultural dissonance weigh heavily on everyone involved in delivery.For the second issue, when you lean too far onshore, you can expect hiring times and costs to soar as your product backlog continues to grow with limited or no continuity. The high demands of U.S. hiring serves as a major disruption in team assimilation and retention.A hybrid nearshore development model provides a solution to these issues. Sitting at the intersection of quality and cost, GAP’s nearshore development model leverages world-class talent available in countries close to the U.S. — both geographically and culturally — to provide timely, professional and strategic services at a lower price point than hiring in local U.S. markets. And with GAP’s nearshore model, you’ll have a vastly superior experience and much improved quality compared to offshore. 

    GAP’s integrated nearshore and onshore business model enables access to exceptional engineering talent in Latin America to meet your most pressing, business-critical needs. From proper planning to incomparable execution, our software and data professionals are committed to an agile, tenacious approach when delivering solutions exactly to your specifications. As a result, customers experience true transparency and unfettered access to the team via “clear cube communication.”

Experience the ease of communication in fluent English at every level. Easily interact with individuals who share similar values around innovation, process improvement and focus on outcomes. And we invite customers to fly down and meet your team in person to really see the difference at GAP.


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