Profile & Challenge

CN2, Inc. is a cutting-edge software development company founded in the heart of Atlanta’s technology community. At CN2, they are developing a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that enables companies to easily create, deploy and update Augmented Reality (AR) content to iOS and Android mobile devices. CN2 contacted us for assistance with an application for the official tourism association of the city of Orlando, FL. Being one of the most visited destinations in the United States, VisitOrlando wanted an app to go along with their website. The challenge was to work seamlessly with CN2’s team to produce a solution that consisted of three parts: [1] an iOS app, [2] an Android app, [3] an analytics framework and [4] an augmented reality component for the apps.

Solution & Outcome

GAP assembled two teams - one per platform with a shared QA and Scrum master. The project went through all the development phases including layout design, estimation and release. CN2 provided the visual guidelines and we turned it into a reality with time to spare. Our developers also had experience working with Google Analytics, which came in handy when assisting VisitOrlando because they didn’t have a clear idea of the optimal setup for event and views tracking. After the project was released, we have been contacted a few times for new features and maintenance. The app keeps evolving as does CN2, who now focuses more on the augmented reality technology.


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