GAP's Centers of Excellence (CoE)

Internal Entities that Provide Leadership

GAP’s Centers of Excellence (CoEs) are internal entities providing leadership, coordination, research, support, training and development related to a specific language or technology. These Centers share highlights and experiences gathered throughout GAP projects to support continuous learning.

The mission of each CoE is to improve the technical excellence of GAPsters by creating a strong community. They are launching new, exciting and innovative initiatives, as well as supporting other areas within GAP. 

Take a closer look at the current GAP CoEs, and see how this expertise relates to GAP Services.


The QA CoE encourages all community members to continuously improve their skills in a wide range of knowledge. We promote the usage, learning and frequent update of new technologies, as well as best practices implementation in agile processes in order to enhance delivery for all GAP clients.

The Data & AI CoE is a community dedicated to the visibility of the different data-related fields. We strive to share knowledge in a responsible manner, pushing for best practices and an ethical approach to data. 

COES Cybersecurity

The Cybersecurity CoE is a group of enthusiasts in this field who contribute to raising the bar on security awareness within GAP by encouraging the learning and sharing of cybersecurity best practices and concepts among GAPsters.

This CoE is committed to advancing technological excellence and innovation. The mission is to create, implement, and enhance robust, scalable and secure systems that are in line with the client's strategic objectives. By utilizing our extensive expertise and diverse experience, our goal is to provide state-of-the-art solutions that improve operational efficiency, foster business expansion, and offer outstanding value to our stakeholders.

This CoE empowers GAPsters by fostering seamless collaboration between development and operations teams. Through the adoption of agile practices, automation and cloud technologies, we accelerate the software development lifecycle, enhance reliability and optimize deployment processes. As part of this commitment, we equip GAPsters with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage the full potential of cloud services from various providers. Whether it’s AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or other leading cloud providers, our goal is to enable efficient solution building and migration while following best practices and industry standards.

The mission of the Back-End CoE is to empower GAPsters specializing in back-end technologies to elevate the quality and efficiency of their work. We achieve this by championing best practices, fostering a collaborative environment across project teams, and driving a culture of innovation and continuous learning.

The Front-End CoE is a dedicated team of experts specializing in front-end development, offering guidance, best practices, and support for front-end projects and initiatives. Front-end development involves creating the user interface and experience of software applications that run on web browsers.

This group of passionate people work on mobile development initiatives and seek to create value for our clients and GAPsters. We provide support and guidance in mobile development, and promote talks, technical growth and learning opportunities.

This CoE collaborates with teams to create exceptional user experiences by providing guidance, resources and expertise in user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design.

This CoE supports and maximizes an Agile transformation investment by creating and promoting agile processes, experiments, and practices to be shared and scaled throughout GAP.

This CoE drives product management excellence by fostering cross-functional collaboration, refining product management practices, aligning product strategies with the organization's goals, and continuously improving through data-driven insights. We aim to deliver innovative and customer-centric products that create value, enhance customer satisfaction and drive the success of our organization.

This CoE exists to empower leaders to boost the best version of every GAPster, and fully live our culture. The Leadership CoE promotes awareness about leadership, provides learning and training, and maximizes the value of leadership structures. These frameworks are tailored to each project, empowering GAPsters in leadership roles who possess a deep understanding of their teams, assume responsibility for their well-being, and work hard to help them succeed

GAP Labs is a technology initiative to research and share findings about new technologies, tools and trends for GAPsters. We bridge new or different technical areas for GAPsters by inviting them to participate in activities and providing adequate space, resources and assistance for research and experiment.


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