Who We Are

At GAP, we consult, design, build and modernize software and data solutions.

Growth Acceleration Partners is a consulting and technology services company. We provide custom software, data engineering and modernization solutions. GAP focuses on revenue-generating and mission critical applications core to our clients’ business. With modernization services and AI tools, we help businesses achieve a competitive advantage through technology.

GAP Turns Your Ideas Into Profitable Technology Solutions

GAP specializes in building custom technology solutions that drive revenue growth and connect you with your customers. Our expertise lies in our ability to innovate and modernize. Powered by our proprietary AI tools, our seasoned software engineers and data scientists will build your new IP and seamlessly modernize your legacy systems with precision and foresight. 

At the heart of our approach is a deep investment in top-tier talent and their on-going education. With this as our focus, you get a team of experts dedicated to fueling your success and ensuring your business not only keeps pace with the evolving digital landscape, but sets the pace for others to follow. 

We’re committed to keeping you at the forefront of innovation and partner with you at every stage of your technology journey. So, whether you're modernizing your business's technology stack or dreaming up something new, our technology experts ensure you reach your business goals. 

GAP takes you from idea to business growth. Our comprehensive suite of services gives you access to highly-specialized software and data engineers

What makes GAP unique?

Breadth of Capabilities with End-to-End Services

GAP partners with clients to turn ideas into value, with specialized technology processes to consult, design, build and modernize for your continued success.

Depth of Innovation and Modernization Expertise

Go from slow and obsolete to generating revenue with cutting-edge technology. GAP is the leader in application modernization and will upgrade your legacy systems by designing for the future. 

Investment in People to Fuel Your Success

GAP’s focus on professional growth, rigorous recruitment, values and diversity spurs innovation, increases agility and creates an environment that keeps GAPsters with our company for years. Our clients benefit from our people’s long tenure at GAP and ever-advancing expertise. 

In 2023, GAP acquired the Application Migration Business Unit of Mobilize.Net, the global market leader in AI automated software modernization, which offers proprietary and patented technology tools and services aimed at legacy Windows and Java applications. For over 30 years, GAP’s Mobilize products and services have helped companies move critical code to .NET, the web and to the cloud. 

Also in 2023, GAP acquired Mission Data, a leading smart digital products company that transformed the way companies do business. We create innovative custom software solutions for industry-leading companies by applying current and emerging technologies, user-centered experience design, and expertise in digital product engineering.

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We specialize in custom software development and create data solutions to accelerate your digital transformation journey. GAP also consults on technology solutions to drive business outcomes, and helps technology teams scale faster when they lack the resources or expertise. If you’re ready to dive in, let’s make innovation your competitive advantage.