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Your strategic technology solutions partner.

GAP is a strategic technology solutions partner providing an exceptional experience in Digital Transformation and the Delivery of Software and Data Solutions via world-class consulting and engineering teams. By building strategic, long-term partnerships with clients, we develop extensive domain knowledge combined with deep technical expertise. We have the architectural skills to design next-generation strategic technology solutions utilizing the latest cloud-based technologies.

Bespoke Software Solutions that Work

GAP works with companies of all sizes to manifest their visions into real digital solutions. We apply emerging and leading technology in practical ways to develop digital strategies and products that will drive results, grow revenue, and make meaningful impacts on organizations and their users.

How GAP Creates Productive and Resilient Teams is especially important during an economic downturn. To learn more about the best practices GAP implements within our own teams and for each of our clients, we invite you to read this short white paper.

Moreover, GAP’s CEO Joyce Durst co-founded GAP in 2007 to be a values-driven organization focused on helping people, companies and communities attain long-term success. GAP became an early pioneer of the nearshoring model — providing outsourced strategic technology solutions from countries close to the U.S., both geographically and culturally.

Our talented engineering teams are agile, transparent, accountable and focused on customer success, resulting in one of the highest client satisfaction scores in the industry. We fully integrate into your organization to provide continuous delivery with uncompromising, transparent communication. GAP helps you scale smarter, transforming your objectives into data that drives decision-making and delivering software solutions that help achieve critical business outcomes.

What makes GAP better:

2NABOX Delivery Model — GAP offers our clients a unique project management approach in the form of two specialized resources in the Americas working in tandem toward a single objective: to deliver an exceptional client experience. The first resource is a LatAm-based Delivery Manager, overseeing the engineering process, resource portfolio management and metrics reporting. Their counterpart is a U.S.-based Client Executive with expertise in contract administration, budgetary planning and technology portfolio management, combined with a deep understanding of your overall business objectives. This delivery system is known as “2NABOX” (GAP shorthand for “two leaders in a box”), which means the two individuals — one in the U.S. and one in LatAm — are fully accountable for a singular outcome. And together, as your trusted advisors, these two direct contacts share responsibility and authority, working as a single unit toward ensuring your project’s success.

Design-Build Capability — GAP provides full-cycle software development, meaning we can both technically architect and implement a solution. GAP will design and build your Digital Transformation, with an eye on current and future business needs. Moreover, GAP also determines the “who” and “how” to achieve your goal using our expertise in engineering process and team design. While most consulting firms can give you a design scheme, they rarely offer a practical way to bring that design to life. Delivery outsourcing firms, on the other hand, have engineers to augment your build team, but no big picture understanding of the desired outcomes. GAP offers both: U.S.-based technology architects to guide you through the concept and design of your digital transformation, and software delivery teams of highly-skilled engineering to provide start-to-finish strategic technology solutions, process design  and technical execution for your most important business decisions. Using a design-build methodology for delivery services projects, GAP works with clients at the very beginning to determine unified goals and then helps manage the team to ensure success. As a boutique agency with specialized services, our strategic end-to-end approach focuses on both design and delivery with deep expertise.

Diverse with Purpose — As a certified woman-owned business, we are intentional about building a diverse organization — an inclusive, multi-generational company that embraces culture, promotes women and empowers everyone to work cohesively as teams supported with rigorous, ongoing training. Research consistently shows diversity yields better business outcomes, and our own experience supports that. A diversity of informed views enables objections and alternatives to be explored more efficiently, fostering deep inquiry and igniting breakthroughs. Leveraging our differences stimulates innovation, increases organizational agility, and helps improve our resilience to disruption. GAP invests in people, and our steady growth and long-term success are a result of the purposefully diverse, equitable and inclusive environment we strive to create every day. Learn more about our views on diversity here.

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