Profile & Challenge

GAP’s client, Revealix, is a digital health startup that was moving its cloud-based mobile application from beta to commercial production, and wanted to enhance its crucial limb-saving wound and amputation prevention capabilities in the cloud. This included strengthening its product scalability and fault tolerance capacities, enabling them to serve a wider customer base.

Revealix’s founder, Adrianna Cantu, has deep clinical and operational expertise in wound care and in understanding the factors that lead to limb loss, and the company’s engineering and technical team has vast experience in designing and delivering custom software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. But this does not translate to cloud infrastructure building and deployment. Revealix uses AWS infrastructure due to its ubiquity, and was using Docker for container management and provisioning. But the company hit roadblocks when building out the development, staging and production environments where the commercial application would run.

“We had basic app/cloud connections before, but now we're getting the commercial-grade product ready, and that's very different,” Cantu said.

Solution & Outcome

Because of the trade-off between breadth and complexity of AWS services, internal efforts — such as using CloudFormation, where you can create infrastructure declaratively via an infrastructure as code (IaC) approach — did not bear fruit. AWS CDK (Cloud Development Kit) appeared the ideal solution, as it offers an application code approach to infrastructure code; yet this still proved difficult for a non-infrastructure specialist due to documentation issues and a steep learning curve.

GAP laid out a blueprint before creating and provisioning scalable, fault-tolerant infrastructure using its “secret sauce” — the GAPBuilt Accelerator, which the client could deploy and evolve at the touch of a button. As a value-add, GAP walked the client through the infrastructure and outlined best practices. The competitive advantage was in utilizing a specific Accelerator for scalable web applications, which leverages IaC capabilities with reusable architectural components, enabling greater quality, consistency, scalability, repeatability and customization. This solution greatly reduces time to value for the end user.

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