GAP  is committed to our clients’ success, and we have structured our entire business in support of this mission. Choosing the right software development process can have a significant impact on the success of any project or team. Read this short white paper to explore three of the most popular agile software development processes — Scrum, Kanban and Scrumban — and learn how to ensure your team chooses the right one and maintains it over time.

Growth Acceleration Partner’s tech teams are organized into Centers of Excellence, each specializing in a platform or service. These enterprise-grade delivery centers offer subject matter expertise, leadership and continuous improvement in their respective practice. Built around you, GAP offers full-cycle digital transformation and software delivery services to elevate your business with strategic technology partners who understand both technology and process modernization.


We hire the best talent and engage them with meaningful work for innovative clients. A rigorous four-step team design process takes the guesswork out of building your team and dramatically improves onboarding success rates. All LatAm team members receive continuous English, multi-cultural and technical training, markedly improving communication and workflow. GAP has a high retention rate by industry standards and some of the highest average tenure for senior technical staff. This translates into a reliable, exemplary workforce of strategic technology partners that can accelerate your growth and help you scale smarter to achieve business goals.


The GAP Success Sequence is designed to optimize all processes and yield transformative outcomes. Our delivery system is known as “2NABOX” (GAP shorthand for two leaders in a box), which means two individuals  fully accountable for a singular outcome. 2NABOX pairs a Client Executive and a Delivery Manager into a single unit of mutual accountability. The U.S.-based Client Executive is responsible for making sure your needs are consistently met. The LatAm-based Delivery Manager oversees daily operations, actively monitors and forecasts staffing, and stays ahead of technical problems. The advantage is direct, transparent access to every team member assigned to the client’s project.

Peace of Mind

Collaboration between the project and engineering teams within the same time zone means predictable, steady project performance and stress-free communication with your tech partners. GAP’s emphasis on people and focus on outcomes translates to deep expertise, synergetic teams and an exceptional experience throughout our strategic technology partnership. With all transformational and delivery service capabilities underpinned by a secure and stable IT infrastructure, you can have confidence in achieving maximum productivity.

strategic technology partners working at GAP

Finding the right talent for you.

A thorough recruiting and hiring process is conducted for every applicant — for all positions in every location. With exceptionally high employee retention and satisfaction rates, we and our clients have come to rely on this robust four-step process to hire the very best talent.

Rigorous Hiring Process

Step One:

  • Technical resume review
  • Virtual pre-screen for English capabilities

Step Two:

  • In-person interview #1 – General assessment
  • In-person interview #2 – Technical assessment
  • Skills matrix test
  • Psychological test
  • Programming test

Step Three:

  • Reference check 
  • GAP leadership interview
strategic technology partners working at GAP

Step Four:

  • Client skills review  
  • Client interview

If all steps are completed successfully, an offer is made for employment with GAP.

Building your team to excel.

When building and deploying your team for a Delivery Services project, we apply our proprietary process — The GAP Success Sequence℠ — to ensure a successful launch. This clear and disciplined process is designed to optimize all processes and yield transformative outcomes. Developed over 13 years, and drawing on hundreds of successful relationships as strategic technology partners, the GAP Success Sequence ensures an exceptional client experience, regardless of changing conditions.

GAP Success Sequence

Needs Assessment

Business Conversation
  • Understand business role and function of the product
Team Review
  • Current structure/challenges
  • GAP’s expected role
Product Review
  • Product demo
  • Tech assessment
  • Backlog review
  • Product roadmap
  • Sprint planning

strategic technology partners working at GAP

Team Build

Review profiles  
  • For required position(s) 
Calibration interview
  • Interview an engineer that meets profile requirements  
  • Adjust profile if necessary
  • Once profile is finalized, conduct search for best engineer internally or externally
Client interview 
  • After candidates are screened for technical and English proficiency, they move on to client interview

Agile Process

Agile everywhere
  • We use Agile across all aspects of the development process
Standard metrics 
  • Used to ensure team performance. Retrospectives are conducted regularly to ensure optimal velocity and quality
Transparent communication 
  • Open dialogue between developers, scrum master, and product owners
Regular client reviews 
  • Reviews that go beyond daily processes, and expand into overall client experience and expectation alignment

Using Agile to achieve your goals.

Your Delivery Services team works with you to develop a broad product roadmap, identifying initial priorities and the order of development. From this, the team defines the base architecture for the project (platforms, technology, services, integrations, etc.). GAP then collaborates with you to define the lifecycle methodology. Our most common lifecycle processes are Scrum and Kanban.

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