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Automation of the technology infrastructure has moved from a nice efficiency to a necessity. When you combine the increased security demands with the increased complexity of cloud and on-premises environments, repeatability and automation are essential. Gain the automation know-how together with DevSecOps services and technical expertise in security, infrastructure management, application development and operation to increase your security and reliability.

Together, we’ll start by building a strategic cloud architecture plan by asking essential questions about your objectives. With GAP’s team, you’ll gain a team of experts who possess all the necessary skill sets to succeed, including cloud-native development, microservices, containers, serverless, Big Data and testing.

Always done through a security lens, our team can easily work within your existing systems and process or provide you guidance on new approaches that will give you a launchpad for successful DevSecOps application development and maintenance.

  • Reduce time for development
  • Improve application and data security
  • Integrate and maintain app workflows

DevOps Without Security is Like a Door Without a Lock: Getting it Right with DevSecOps.



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