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In a world where biased technology vendors are the primary source of information, GAP is here to be a trusted, agnostic advisor. We help you set up an application modernization roadmap and navigate your project from design to delivery. Our experts collaborate with your leadership team, gathering data to assess current business and technology issues, while using our team’s vast experience to build a bridge to a future state. 

At the conclusion of this assessment period, we deliver a roadmap for the recommended course of action. We will also provide your team with an estimated timeline and cost, plus outlined phases of delivery. Our goal is to equip you with the necessary information for all stages of execution, and, ultimately, for project success. 

  • Accelerate growth with new technologies
  • Make expert-level technology decisions
  • Migration roadmaps designed for your organization

GAP’s Digital Product Strategy

Technology Architecture Assessment

Your Digital Strategy Partner for Creating Proofs of Concept

For many organizations, digital transformation represents significant disruption and change. It can be challenging to know where to begin or how to implement new platforms, modernize infrastructure and improve agility. We work intimately with clients to understand their vision and transform it into tangible, value-producing components of their business.

Before committing resources to a project, it’s critical we gather research on the business goals of our clients and the viability of their ideas, as well as the expectations of the end users. Developers, designers and product managers work together to define the product and architectural technology so that a usable prototype can be built. We rapidly test multiple prototypes, mapping the user experience and learning until we identify the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

  • Discover what’s possible by defining a digital strategy and aligning the roadmap with the target business results. 
  • Gain the flexibility to try out new products and applications with clearly mapped-out Architectural Technology, product roadmaps and proofs of concept.
  • Align your digital strategy with clear business objectives by using GAP as your sounding board, advisor and digital strategy partner.

GAP’s practical approach guides how technologies, platforms, and optimal user experiences are selected and implemented for long-term success.

Our Approach to Architectural Technology: Personalized Service, Dedicated for the Long Haul

At GAP, we help leading companies and organizations envision, build and continually evolve digital products and platforms. We’ve put in more than 100 million hours of build time creating solutions that drive revenue, enhance operations and transform the way our clients interact with their employees, partners and customers.

Objectives Icon Strategy & Definition 

Before committing resources to a project, we research your business goals and the viability of your ideas, as well as the expectations of the end users. Developers, designers and product managers work together to define the product and architectural technology so a usable prototype can be built. We rapidly test multiple prototypes, mapping the user experience and learning until we identify the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).


Exploratory Data Analysis Icon A Lean, Agile Approach

We work in small teams, at a sustainable pace, with consistent communication. We collaborate with clients to build MVPs, often working in two-week sprints for design, development and the assessment of results. To best manage scope and budget, we regularly administer “tollgate” reviews to gauge progress and deliverables.

Feature Engineering Icon Iterate, Iterate, Iterate

We experiment over and over again, testing the riskiest assumptions and exploring more valuable solutions. Vetting the work through touchable, draggable, clickable interactions is paramount. An idea that seemed terrific as a concept may no longer resonate with users once it’s implemented. The sooner we can find errors, the less time and investment are wasted on building the wrong thing.

Data Modeling Techniques IconUser-Centric Design & Development 

User experience design begins with usability research — stakeholder expectations, customer profiles and scenario identification. We produce wireframes and navigation models with a focus on key user interactions, usage scenarios and organization. Additional development tasks may include API integration, systems development and database development. Whether we’re launching an MVP or a feature-complete product, our goal is to establish products that achieve optimal, intelligent, and inspiring operation and features for the user.

Model Development Icon Go Time!

We administer multiple testing processes to deploy products to the production environment, from user acceptance to regression to performance testing. We provide release management strategies and gather post-launch feedback for future iterations.

Model Evaluation Icon Lifecycle Support 

We provide a multitude of managed services to support products and platforms, such as ongoing maintenance for incidents, bug fixes, minor enhancements, suggested platform improvements and change requests. We also monitor feedback for native solutions, platforms and connected products, and troubleshoot maintenance and security needs before problems arise.

Hypothesis Testing Icon Ongoing Digital Guidance 

One of the biggest hurdles in the digital age is keeping up with the pace of innovation. We share our deep technical expertise with our clients, advising them on practical ways to apply emerging technologies — from IoT and voiced-based interfaces to machine learning and virtual reality — for optimized growth in today’s digital business environment.



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