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Disciplined software delivery results in increased customer satisfaction. After a product launch, the right support management framework is critical to keep moving forward, and the best approach is streamlined and cost-efficient. You need to mitigate project uncertainties with meticulous planning, ensuring the software meets and exceeds customer expectations from inception to production and future upgrades. 

Effectively managing software development requires addressing the constantly evolving demands arising from changing requirements, technological advancements and the imperative for smooth cross-functional collaboration. GAP offers support to help you reach a consensus on objectives and requirements upfront, with a clear roadmap to achieve success.

  • Improved risk control and cost estimation
  • Enhanced transparency 
  • Efficient prediction, planning and scheduling

Why Choose GAP’s Team

GAP brings more than 20 years experience in optimizing clients’ IT infrastructure to help derive the most value from their digital assets. We monitor and roll out updates regularly for compliance and optimal performance. Proactive communication is key, and use of a continuous integration and continuous delivery stack ensures updates are executed accurately and efficiently.

We make a long-term commitment to our clients and help maintain their digital products with lifecycle support and maintenance. These services are tailored to each organization’s needs and may include ongoing maintenance to update features, interfaces, user experience design, third party service providers and more.

  • Lifecycle Project Management Support

GAP provides a dedicated team to guide your digital product’s evolution. After launching the Minimum Viable Product, we work with you to continuously enhance and update the product. We make sure you’re following your product roadmap and steer your project to success. 

  • Maintenance

To ensure continued support, we provide ongoing maintenance for incidents, bug fixes, minor enhancements, suggested platform improvements and change requests. We also monitor feedback for native solutions, platforms and connected products, and troubleshoot maintenance needs before problems arise.

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