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Cloud Migration

Cloud native development apps are designed to leverage the elasticity, resiliency and security the cloud provides. GAP’s front-end and back-end cloud delivery teams understand enterprise architectures and work with the latest cloud technologies to consistently deliver new features and updates. 

Get what you need — either a specific skill or a complete team — from software engineers who have perfected the use of distributed Agile Scrum methodologies, having developed hundreds of web application solutions for cloud application development. With expertise in AWS, Azure and GCP, GAP has you covered. 

  • Scale and upgrade without disruption
  • Build and deploy apps without new infrastructure
  • Stay adaptable and flexible

What Is Cloud Native Development?

Cloud native is an architecture for assembling cloud-based components optimally, so products can obtain the most benefits of the cloud environment. This often requires a new mindset from your organization to ensure company goals, cloud-oriented strategies, roadmaps, processes and even team capabilities align with this paradigm.

Cloud native services embrace building and deploying applications that leverage the benefits of the cloud — such as scalability, elasticity and resilience — in conjunction with improved processes that ensure the application can sustain the expected quality attributes for the product.

In a cloud-native implementation, numerous avenues lead to your desired destination. The process of recognizing, provisioning and deploying the optimal mix of services to leverage the ever-evolving cloud environment can assume diverse forms, contingent upon the unique requirements of each organization. It's easy to feel disoriented. 

So having a strategic technology partner like GAP, who has the expertise of guiding and providing support on this implementation process, is critical to accomplishing your desired goals and ensuring your cloud-native implementation fits your needs best.

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Cloud Native Development Service Benefits

The Fundamental Difference Between Cloud and Cloud-Native Development

Leveraging the cloud can help businesses scale their operations and achieve greater efficiencies. You also gain the ability to collaborate with others quicker and access your data from anywhere in the world. Here are some other key benefits:

  • Elasticity: Scale your resources up or down on demand, so you only pay for what you need, which is especially helpful during seasonal fluctuations or times of rapid growth.
  • Agility: Deploy new applications and services quickly and easily as you respond to changing market conditions and customer needs.
  • Reliability: Stay up and running with high uptime and availability. 
  • Security: Protect your data from unauthorized access and cyberattacks.
  • Cost savings: Save money on IT costs — such as hardware, software and maintenance — as well as energy costs.

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