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Whether you’re evaluating a technology for acquisition or focused on updating internal applications, we'll give you an independent technology assessment based on your requirements. Our experts deep dive into 10 different areas to provide the level of insights needed for companies to make strategic “GO or NO GO” decisions.

GAP acts as an unbiased partner providing due diligence resources. Our technology savvy team provides a thorough, unbiased review, and recommended course of action, when making large technology evaluations and decisions.

  • Unbiased guidance from expert engineers
  • On-demand technology diligence
  • Trusted partners with your needs in mind



Application Assessments: Improve Your Performance and Security

May 3, 2023

Technology Architecture Assessment

Application Assessments: Improve Your Performance and Security

The widespread surge in remote labor brought on by COVID-19 seems here to stay. But the sudden shift to home offices presented significant operational challenges during the pandemic's initial onset, as many companies' digital systems weren't sophisticated enough to effectively connect remote workers. However, during the intervening years, many have

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No Strategy? Do Not Pass Go

May 18, 2022

Technology Architecture Assessment

No Strategy? Do Not Pass Go

In this article: The pitfalls of a one-dimensional strategy Strategies provide the framework for collaboration Decision-makers are crucial  Strategies create sustainable project flow One of the most common, yet avoidable mistakes I see when companies decide to embrace technological modernization is launching a project with no overall governing strategy. Technology can deliver alluring business outcomes

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GAP helps teams who want to build applications faster, but lack the resources and expertise. With best security practices and best-in-class processes, GAP delivers a well architected framework for your application.

Ready to dive in? Let’s make your digital transformation become your competitive advantage. Dave and his team are here to help you quickly make the right decisions to move forward.