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Level up with new technology and process upgrades

Modernizing your infrastructure is a massive integrated effort. Get a technology roadmap that helps you elevate, streamline and maintain your engineering infrastructure without skipping a beat. Not only that, GAP offers customizable modern data analytics platforms that give you exactly what you need in a fraction of the time. From research to implementation and integration, you’ll have a team of experts with you every step of the way.

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Modernization Products and Services

Modernizing your technology stack and processes isn’t just a daunting task — it’s nearly impossible without the right skills. And as you know, keeping legacy assets around will limit your ability to add new functionality and could even cause you to run into compliance issues down the road. Get the right architecture that fits your organization’s needs and capacity as you migrate to the cloud or begin using data to make better decisions. With these solutions, you’ll level up and go to market faster while ensuring every best practice is accounted for. GAP efficiently does the legwork to modernize for the cloud and data analytics, while Mobilize products cut the risk, cost and time of modernizing legacy code compared to rewriting it. 

Technology Advisory Services

Investing in the right technology strategy can mean the difference between you winning or losing. Determining how to leverage technology as a competitive weapon is our area of expertise. Get unbiased and sophisticated recommendations that can only come from people who know this space inside and out. Rest assured GAP can help you quickly make the right decision related to cloud migration, data platforms and various technologies that brings your company up to date and propels your business forward. 

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We specialize in custom software development and create data solutions to accelerate your digital transformation journey. GAP also consults on technology solutions to drive business outcomes, and helps technology teams scale faster when they lack the resources or expertise. If you’re ready to dive in, let’s make innovation your competitive advantage.