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Proofpoint’s security-as-a-service solutions comprise an integrated suite of on-demand data protection solutions that enable large and mid-sized organizations to defend, protect, archive and govern their sensitive data. In any organization, people and their use of technology can open the door to risk. Social media is often overlooked as an entry point to malware. As the code base of social networking sites are constantly changing, Proofpoint needed a team with a deep knowledge of their platform that could quickly react to these changes. GAP partnered with Proofpoint, providing a very high level team to develop and maintain Socialware, an advanced threat detection system for social media sites.

Solution & Outcome

Proofpoint and GAP have had a long-term partnership within the Digital Risk and Compliance group, working to keep social media and networking secure.

We have had a great team working with us the last four years. They have brought a good base of knowledge as well as a strong team spirit that have made the group more of an extension rather than a separate group of contractors.

Proofpoint, Director of Engineering

Viki Parsons

Proofpoint, Director of Engineering


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