Why Nearshore?

Why Nearshore?

When cost effective, real-time collaboration is critical to the on-time, successful delivery of your software solutions, nearshore is the best option.

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How We Work

How We Work

GAP follows the maxim “the process protects us.” We have mastered the science and art of optimizing distributed Agile teams.

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Our Service Offerings

We help you realize the opportunities presented by your most valuable asset — data. Our data scientists, consultants and engineers extract the full potential of your data.

Applying a broad base of available cloud-enabled technologies, our custom application engineers are available to deliver your cloud or SaaS solution.

Our mobile application experts collaborate with you from development to launch, based on our extensive experience in the technology, finance, healthcare and education industries.

Applying the highest quality standards and techniques in software quality assurance and automated testing services, we ensure your cloud and mobile applications are customer ready.

The GAP Experience

  • GAP’s people redefine your perspective on partnership.

    We are transparent. We offer clients unfettered access, complete visibility and peace of mind. Our clients experience true transparency throughout the entire software delivery process.

    We are tenacious. We come in early. We stay late. When challenges arise, you can expect us to speak up early, offer suggestions and find the best possible solutions.

    We are accountable. We are accountable to our clients and to each other. Our delivery teams are accountable for the on-time delivery of sustainable, scalable software solutions.

    Watch this video to get to know GAP a little better.

  • GAP offers so much more than software development.

    Our comprehensive approach is rooted in wisdom, gained from decades of Agile software delivery experience.

    We leverage this wisdom to deliver analytics, cloud, mobile, and QA/QA automation solutions that align with your business objectives to accelerate growth.

    You'll see why companies rely on our data scientists to unlock insights buried within information; cloud delivery teams to leverage proven frameworks; mobile application experts to select the best mobile platform; and our quality assurance professionals to deliver the best possible user experience.

    Watch this video to learn more about our continuous software delivery process.

  • GAP’s shared culture makes us who we are.

    Our values are consistently on display through our interactions with each other, our customers, our communities and our causes.

    • We strive for greatness by listening to understand your needs.
    • We are agile as we collaborate and consider new possibilities.
    • We always invest in the people around us.

    Watch this video to learn how our values and pride in what we do shine as we help deliver an exceptional experience for our clients.

  • It’s possible to establish and maintain high-performing software delivery teams. Yes. Even in today’s environment.

    U.S.-based technical skills are in short supply; and those you might find are expensive and difficult to retain. We can help you with both of these challenges. GAP is the partner of choice for companies looking to establish high-performing, continuous software delivery teams. Our integrated nearshore and onshore model, similar cultures, excellent English skills and operation within the same time zones.

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GAP is a collaborative partner with Amadeus Hospitality. They have formed quality teams who have integrated well within our culture and technical environment. We’ve appreciated them delivering on time and on budget. We are impressed by how well they work together and the new and innovative approaches they easily embrace.

Amadeus, VP of Engineering

Tim Beaulieu

Amadeus, VP of Engineering

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