Profile & Challenge

Quick Technologies provides state-of-the-art information and marketing services at affordable prices to a variety of industries. They are committed to that goal and continue to grow and develop products to fit the needs of their customers. On the mobile platform, Quick Technologies needed help with developing support applications for the tradeshow support that they provide their customers. On the web, they needed help with their virtual sample application and making it accessible via the web.

Solution & Outcome

SAGE Mobile helps customers attending trade shows so they can have all the information they need before and during their time at the show.

SAGE ShowLink allows the people at a trade show stand to easily and quickly get contact information for people that come to the stand. This is done by leveraging the camera or Bluetooth scanner to get the info from the trade show attendee badge that each of them gets.

On the web, we helped build the SAGE Virtual Design Studio which helps customers create virtual samples to show them what a promotional product will look like once it is customized with graphics and logos.


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