Profile & Challenge

Life Line Screening is a preventive healthcare company with screenings that are designed by doctors and administered by trained professionals. These screenings can help detect hidden health issues before they become a problem. Life Line Screening has a large custom built client lifecycle management system that has been developed over several years. They needed to modernize the solution in a way that allows for the continuation of the daily business while supporting new development and constructs of the solution to meet the ever-growing demand on the business.

Solution & Outcome

As a trusted advisor, one of GAP’s key areas of focus has been to provide QA Automation. The automation suite was set up and configured to test three different components of the lifecycle management system. Each automation was customized for the different components being tested. The results of this automation testing have given the team the ability to simulate desired results based on the new software development.


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GAP offers far more than software development or QA services. We offer the collective wisdom gained from decades of building, growing and running successful businesses. We collaborate with customers to accelerate growth. We provide software solutions to meet business objectives. We operate with transparency and tenacity to deliver an exceptional experience as a continuous software delivery partner.

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