Profile & Challenge

5 Dynamics provides the platform and methodologies to create the internal, collaborative environment companies need to accelerate positive growth and increase overall performance. Originally, 5 Dynamics was looking to revamp the user interface of its web-based application. This redesign project needed to reflect a fundamental strategic shift in the way the company relates to its customers, both companies and individuals. In addition, a major focus of this effort was to shift the usage of 5 Dynamics from the one-time taking of an assessment and downloading the results in a report (as it is today), to providing software features that are useful and valuable on an ongoing basis.

Solution & Outcome

GAP put together a high performance team that included tech leadership, engineering, QA, Scrum Master, Product Owner and Delivery Management. As a result of GAP’s leadership and engineering effort, the framework now has an assessment tool that is simple, intuitive, relevant and effective. Furthermore, GAP created an attractive and well-designed application.

GAP has gone above and beyond throughout this entire process. Anytime we’ve needed them to partner with us - they’ve stepped up. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with GAP. They’re highly professional. They’re led by a wonderful leadership team and they are very invested in the outcome of our product.

5 Dynamics, CEO

Karen Gordon

5 Dynamics, CEO


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