Why User Experience Design Should Drive Software Development

Why User Experience Design Should Drive Software Development
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If you’re an IT professional looking for a software developer for a particular project, you should make user experience design a core component of your design criteria. It is essential that user experience design be taken into consideration due to the many benefits it eventually provides to the functionality and effectiveness of the software being developed. Continue reading below to  discover some of these critical benefits and why they should drive software development.

What exactly is user experience design?

The primary objective of user experience design is to ensure the user has a productive and enjoyable experience when using software designed to make their daily routine easier. It can go a long way toward enhancing the customer experience by allowing for increased accessibility, greater usability, and a higher level of satisfaction when interacting with a given product. When a software product solves the right problems in a satisfying manner, it is much more likely to be a successful software product. Conducting  intensive research into the issues typically encountered by users, and then designing the appropriate solutions into the software, will increase the chances of software success. 

How user experience design eliminates problems

Focusing on the user experience from the outset of the software development process ensures problems are avoided — eliminating costly changes later on. All issues resolved at the design stage will be far less expensive to manage than when a product has reached the stage of being in development or in production. Having user experience design incorporated into a product’s development can also ensure the software is user-centric and has user functionality in mind at all times. To facilitate this process, a user experience designer will work in tandem with a quality assurance specialist, so usability issues can be identified at the earliest possible stage. The bottom line is software needs to be user-centered, so it can be as effective as possible for the person who will  be using the software product.

Enjoyable user experiences promote customer loyalty

Most software users appreciate the product they’re using because it provides them with a great user experience and accomplishes the resolution of any issues or problems that the user typically encounters in their daily work. When software has been designed such that it meets the expectations of users (in this case, yourself and your colleagues), and helps them carry out the tasks associated with their daily workload, it can increase the likelihood that a customer will make use of those same design services again in the future. User experience design has always been a priority of Growth Acceleration Partners. 

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