Step-by-Step Guide To Mobile App Development

Step-by-Step Guide To Mobile App Development
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There are undoubtedly a great many people, both professional and otherwise, who have a new idea for an app and think they can translate that great idea into a successful, money-making enterprise using mobile app development. Unfortunately, the truth is so many inspired individuals are attempting this nowadays, the percentage of truly successful apps has become very low. Even though you’re a knowledgeable professional, you might not have the luck that’s sometimes necessary to achieve real success. In this article, we’ll describe the correct steps you should take with your idea, to at least give it a chance of achieving some level of success.

Review your idea

To confirm your idea is a valid one that has a chance, you need to consider some serious questions. The first of these is whether or not there is a genuine need for such an app, and if so, whether you have the resources to promote it properly. Then you’ll need to figure out who your target audience would be for the app, and just why your app would appeal to them. You should find out if there is existing competition for your app, and then determine if yours is somehow better than the competition’s. Lastly, you’ll need to figure out how you’ll promote the app, to get it into the hands of potential users. 

For this important first step, it helps to build a roadmap and perhaps seek consultation for expert help with the evaluation. Growth Acceleration Partners offers a Technology Application Assessment to analyze the right technology to meet your business needs.

Do some market research

By conducting some solid market research, you’ll be able to determine if there’s a market for your app, and you should also learn whether it requires any changes that would increase its usability and its appeal. Part of your market research should serve to identify your competition, and to think of ways to make your product better than theirs.

Build an app wireframe

A wireframe serves as a kind of blueprint for your app, clearly displaying its design and functionality. This step includes designing the display for how it will appear on mobile devices, and brainstorming with fellow professionals that will guide you on which features should be developed first. Once you have your priority list, you’ll be prepared for the next steps. Again, this is another key area where GAP can not only help you build a plan, but take your idea all the way through development and launch. Our expertise in Mobile App Development collaborate with you from development to launch to deliver an integrated enterprise solution.  

Choose a platform

The three main choices of platform your developer will have are: native app, cross-platform app/hybrid app, or an HTML5 web app. Examples of native apps are Android and iOS, while cross-platform apps are individual mobile apps run on HTML5. Web apps for HTML5 are platform independent, and often provide the very best user experience and optimal functionality.

Conduct testing

This part of your project covers the code creation that will make your app functional and usable. The main phases of development will be related to your app’s back end, any APIs to be used in conjunction with it, and the app’s front end. During development, you should conduct a code review to ensure you have no obvious bugs. Included in this step will be testing of the documentation, app functionality and usability, user interface testing, compatibility testing, performance testing, and security testing.

Launch a beta version

This can be a really important step, because you may be able to identify people willing to adopt it right away, and these can then become your beta testers and hopefully, advocates for your new app. Your developer should get some great feedback from these individuals, and that can help improve the app before its release to the general public. Once you’ve covered all these bases, the last remaining step is to launch your app in the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

Hire an expert to help with mobile app development

If you are looking for help with mobile app development, contact Growth Acceleration Partners today to learn how we can make the process seem easy.