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Working at the intersection of software and data, GAP’s engineering teams expertly deliver scalable applications and extract the full potential of data analytics. Our proprietary process enables us to build teams comprised of software and data engineers, Scrum Masters and Product Owners that adhere to the Agile Scrum methodology. We help you scale smarter and more economically, transforming your data into software solutions that drive business outcomes. If you’re looking to hire software developers right now — this is an excellent way to manage your organization’s technology stack, especially related to revenue-generation products. See how CTOs and VPs of Engineering can build superior software and data engineering teams with GAP.

Here’s How GAP Can Help

Data is your most valuable asset. Our data scientists and consultants extract critical insights, answer current questions, and prepare for future challenges by leveraging your data expertly and profitably.

Applying a broad base of available cloud-enabled technologies, our custom application engineers are available to deliver your cloud or SaaS solution.

Practicing the highest quality standards and techniques in software quality assurance and automated testing services, we ensure your cloud and mobile applications are customer ready.

Our mobile application experts collaborate with you from development to launch, based on our extensive experience in the technology, finance, healthcare and education industries.