How Diversity Drives Digital Transformation Initiatives

How Diversity Drives Digital Transformation Initiatives
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  • Launching transformation services in response to company’s need to digitize 
  • How diversity within teams yields better outcomes
  • Diverse teams drive Digital Transformation initiatives 

For over thirty years in technology, I’ve learned designing a workplace that pursues purposeful innovation means doing so in the context of your values. As GAP launches its transformation services offerings, I can affirm we have remained steadfast in our commitment to encapsulating an organization that is diverse with purpose. 

Launching Transformation Services Initiatives

Our decision to launch digital transformation services occurred in response to a growing need for companies to digitize. 77% of executives surveyed said their commitment to addressing technology advancements is much higher than two years ago. The need to digitize has become more urgent because the pandemic created a strong reliance on digital storefronts and systems. Now, this reliance has settled into a new norm as a digital-first world becomes a more permanent structure in our society. Though we’ve always been a partner in software and data solutions, we are stepping into new capabilities while staying true to our values. 

Innovation is at the forefront of our endeavors in the tech space, and we believe diversity yields better business outcomes. The different perspectives that are inherent to diversity bring unmatched value to a team, drive problem-solving and expand creativity according to a study conducted by the Journal of Management Studies. Research reveals that teams who have different thinking styles were quicker to complete performance challenges. 

To encourage a workplace where different thinking styles emerge, authenticity should be part of the cultural fabric in your office. Creating an environment of inclusion–where diverse identities, experiences, and expertise are embraced– is key, since an effective team relies on cohesion and constructive challenge. As more companies increasingly see the need for new digital transformation strategies, with a 47% increase in willingness to move to the cloud and increased spending on SaaS, it’s important that diversity and diverse thinking are driving these newfound initiatives. 

In Conclusion

So while we ideate, test, learn, and reiterate, we know one thing that won’t change: sourcing diverse talent and bringing different voices to the table. For too long, the demographics in the tech industry have remained skewed. Our mission has always been to leave things better than we find them, cultivating the power of diversity every step of the way. 

About Joyce Durst

Joyce Durst

Growing up, Joyce refused to accept that girls don’t do math and kids from her small Texas hometown don’t pursue college degrees. She set out to alter that mindset, and this determination became a driving force for the person she is today, leading GAP on a high-growth trajectory through relentless pursuit of innovation. A natural servant-leader, Joyce unites all who work with her around a truly values-led company which is purposefully diverse, aspires to greatness, and is committed to creating exceptional customer experiences.

Joyce is a sought-after speaker on leadership and women in business, and is active with the Women Presidents Organization and Special Olympics. She mentors women CEOs and first-time entrepreneurs, and has won several prestigious industry awards, including the Executive Leadership award from the Greater Austin Chamber; Profiles in Power award from the Austin Business Journal, and Stevie Award for Achievement in Developing and Promoting Women. You can connect with Joyce on LinkedIn, or send her an email.