Growth Acceleration Partners announces the Opening of its new Medellin Office, Touting New Engineering Center of Excellence

Growth Acceleration Partners announces the Opening of its new Medellin Office, Touting New Engineering Center of Excellence
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MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA – Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP), a strategic technology solutions partner, has announced the grand opening of its new Ayura Office Center. As a nearshore company, this new facility can house up to 130 engineers at a time and will feature advanced workspaces, a private cafeteria, game room, library and ample meeting space for clients visiting from North America. The new Medellin office was needed to support the rapid growth of the company in Colombia.

“GAP has made it a priority to invest in its people. This office was planned with both the employees and clients in mind,” says Angelina Chalela, the VP of People at GAP. “GAP has established this office in a strategic part of the city in order to maximize the proximity to its employees, as part of creating a great work/life balance.”

Demand for software engineering talent is in scarce supply in the U.S. “The transformation of the city of Medellin with the support of the local government into a vibrant hub for technical talent, coupled with being a short plane ride from the U.S. makes it an easy decision to continue to invest heavily here,” said Joyce Durst, Co-Founder and CEO of GAP. As a leader in nearshore software delivery for the past decade, GAP continues to grow its presence in Latin America. GAP employs nearly 300 engineers and has offices in Costa Rica and Colombia.

The ability to grow and expand rapidly is key for GAP. “We expect to hire another 100 engineers in 2019…this new office is only the beginning of our growth here in Colombia,” Chalea continued. The Ayura Center will host boot camps in the latest technologies such as .NET, Angular.js, Node.js, Java Python, Ruby on Rails, Android, and iOS, for its employees. As a firm believer in investing in people, GAP is continuing to strengthen its presence in Colombia. Within the next year, GAP which has a satellite office in Bogota expects rapid expansion there as well.

About Growth Acceleration Partners

GAP provides an exceptional experience in analytics, cloud, mobile and QA Automation services. Our business model is built on strategic, long-term client partnerships, achieved through a deep understanding of your business and strong cultural alignment. We fully integrate our nearshore engineering teams into your organization, providing continuous delivery through transparent communication and unfettered access to every team member. We help you scale smarter, more economically, and with less risk, transforming goals and objectives into data and software solutions that drive success.