Growth Acceleration Partners doubles its data analytics practice in response to soaring demand in North America

Growth Acceleration Partners doubles its data analytics practice in response to soaring demand in North America
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Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP), a continuous software delivery partner, announced today the expansion of its data analytics and data engineering offerings, more than doubling its capabilities over the last 12 months.

This comes at a time when the national demand for data science and engineering talent is at a record high. According to IBM’s The Quant Crunch report, the number of positions for data and analytics talent in the U.S. is projected to increase to more than 2.7 million openings by 2020.

“Today, more than 20 percent of GAP’s revenue can be attributed to data-related services, highlighting the growing demand for data engineering, data science and business intelligence resources,” said Joyce Durst, co-founder and CEO of GAP. “We are entering into a data-driven market, where with the right technologies in place, data has the power to give companies a true competitive advantage. GAP thrives on leveraging our best-in-class data engineers to provide this edge to our clients.”

The company has expanded its data scientist and engineering teams by 100 percent in the past year to match the demand for these specialized resources in the technology, healthcare, education and fintech industries. This includes strategic hires specializing in artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, data science, information systems, machine learning and predictive modeling.

“We’ve been able to accelerate our product offerings to our client base by using the expertise and capabilities of the GAP business intelligence engineers,” said Jeff Bouthillier, VP of Technology at Kestra Financial. “GAP has proved to be a reliable extension of our team that inspires confidence. Their expertise has helped our firm implement processes that have increased efficiencies and provided data solutions that have bolstered our productivity.”

GAP was founded in 2007 and to date has served more than 250 clients spanning both medium-sized businesses and leading Fortune 500 companies. It offers more than 15 technical services including data analytics, cloud applications, mobile and QA/QA automation.

One of the company’s primary focus areas is maintaining a continuous pipeline of top-notch talent to strengthen its world-class delivery team. Operating within an integrated nearshore and onshore business model, the company has grown a multi-country presence, with teams of more than 300 developers and engineers working between both of GAP’s centers of excellence in Costa Rica and Colombia.

About Growth Acceleration Partners

As a continuous software delivery partner, Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP) offers an exceptional experience in analytics, cloud, mobile and QA services. Our integrated nearshore and onshore business model enables access to engineering talent in Latin America, meeting your need for sustainable and scalable software development. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, our tenacious attitude and transparent communications hold us accountable to our customers and each other, translating expectations to deliver solutions that meet your business objectives. For more information visit, www.wearegap.com.