Growth Acceleration Partners Announces Acquisition of Mission Data

Growth Acceleration Partners Announces Acquisition of Mission Data
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New Tools and Products that Leverage Groundbreaking Technology Enable GAP to Deliver Digital Business Transformations to a Wider Audience

SEPTEMBER 26, 2023 — AUSTIN, TXToday, Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP), a strategic technology leader for consulting, designing, and building specialized software and data solutions, announces it has acquired Mission Data — a full-service digital development firm headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Mission Data builds smart digital products that transform the way companies do business. 


“Businesses often need help with envisioning, building, and continually evolving digital products and platforms, and Mission Data’s services align with how GAP delivers impactful technology solutions requiring both speed and accuracy,” said GAP’s co-founder and CEO Joyce Durst. “The team at Mission Data has become known for helping an impressive roster of clients accelerate from vision to innovation while solving real business challenges, creating new revenue streams, and automating outdated processes. And we look forward to continuing to strengthen and evolve Mission Data’s long-term partnerships.”


Mission Data creates innovative custom software solutions for companies recognized as market leaders by applying expertise in user-centered experience design, as well as software architecture and engineering with current and emerging technologies. They offer deep technical expertise for clients, advising on practical ways to apply emerging technologies — from IoT and voiced-based interfaces, to machine learning and virtual reality — for optimized growth in today’s ever-changing business environment.


“GAP and Mission Data have very similar engineering philosophies centered on providing exceptional value and transforming the way companies do business, which allows our high-growth clients to achieve their goals and reach new heights as leaders in their industries,” said GAP’s Chief Technology Officer Paul Brownell. “We also have complementary approaches to providing strategic guidance for clients assisting them to make better decisions with data and technology.”


Mission Data excels at providing strategic guidance and support for the lifetime of their clients’ projects, many of which span more than a decade.


“We are proud to have built a company that helps our clients drive revenue, enhance their operations, and transform the way they interact with their employees, clients and partners,” said Mission Data’s former CEO Stuart Gavurin. “This acquisition helps Mission Data’s team of seasoned strategists, advisors, architects, designers, developers and engineers share their expertise on a larger scale.”


About Growth Acceleration Partners

At GAP, we consult, design, build and deliver revenue-generating software and data solutions for clients. With modernization services and AI tools, we help businesses achieve a competitive advantage through technology. GAP expertly builds and manages remote, integrated engineering teams so clients can scale smarter and remain on the cutting edge.

About Mission Data

Founded in 1996, Mission Data is a leading smart digital products company that transforms the way companies do business. Mission Data creates innovative custom software solutions for industry-leading companies by applying current and emerging technologies, user-centered experience design, and expertise in digital product engineering. Mission Data is located across the country with primary offices in

Louisville, KY and Washington, D.C. For more information, visit www.missiondata.com.