A New Approach to Tech Partnerships: Invest in Outsourced Software & Data Engineering Services that Yield Better Results

A New Approach to Tech Partnerships: Invest in Outsourced Software & Data Engineering Services that Yield Better Results
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By: Jocelyn Sexton, GAP Vice President of Marketing

Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP) helps businesses solve their biggest technology challenges. We consult, design, build and deliver revenue-generating software and data solutions for clients. 

But what does that mean? And how is GAP any different (and better!) than what other nearshore software development companies say they do? 

I think it boils down to our experts (GAPsters), combined with our expertise (especially for in-demand technologies) and GAP’s design-build capability, meaning we provide full-cycle software development to both technically architect and deliver solutions. 

Measurable value with focused outcomes

Since our founding more than 16 years ago, GAP’s vision has been to serve as a dynamic, trusted technology partner. We offer both consultancy and software engineering services, while keeping pace with the rapidly evolving technology scene.  

Today’s world is driven by transformation and fueled by technology. With all the noise created by the continued commoditization of technology services, it’s clear something is missing. But GAP offers something different… and impactful.   

At the heart of GAP is our people — seasoned experts and technical engineers who specialize in designing, building and delivering revenue-generating software and data solutions that scale. GAPsters help clients stay ahead of the curve by adding measurable value through the use of cutting-edge technologies. 

Our unique, people-focused approach is redefining the way businesses harness the power of their software and data.  


A unique approach to technology partnership 

GAP is much more than a tech consultancy and software development service provider. We serve as a trusted partner who aligns technology strategy and execution with a client’s short- and long-term business objectives.  

How are we different? Our approach to partnership starts with the way we hire, nurture and retain our people. GAP goes beyond hiring the very best talent on the market. We also invest in their training and development so they’re proficient in the latest technologies — and are fulfilled in their career at GAP. Additionally, a lot of emphasis is placed on how teams are built and managed.  

In doing so, we’ve cultivated groups of diverse, intelligent, capable engineers who are the vanguard of technological advancement. And they quickly become integral parts of each client’s operations. Additionally, clients are removed from the burden of high turnover experienced at most competitors, as GAPsters typically stay with a project for years, allowing them to gain institutional knowledge and deliver higher-quality results. 

While others may promise to fill an open role, GAP’s approach ensures clients have an engineering team that’s easy to work with, efficient and comprised of collaborative experts. Guided by the GAP ethos, our team members are more than just additional help; they are committed partners and advisors, dedicated to supporting clients at every stage of their growth journey.  

And GAP’s team-based approach translates into an improved bottom line and time saved.  


From strategy to execution

GAP’s experts specialize in modernizing technology stacks and crafting custom software solutions. Our team employs process-driven approaches and has a proven track record of delivering high-quality products under tight deadlines to create digital transformations. 

GAP provides services and products in the following areas:  

  • Software & Data Engineering services: GAP-built teams of experienced project managers and engineers create solutions tailored to each client’s needs, including cloud and mobile app development, UI/UX, data science, QA automation, machine learning and AI, data pipelines and much more. 
  • Modernize & Mobilize products and services: Consultancy experts prepare clients for the future with expert advice and support in building strategies and roadmaps, establishing technology architectures, and modernizing for the cloud or data platforms. An early 2023 acquisition of modernizing legacy applications with Mobilize.Net brings additional Microsoft and Java-based expertise. 

This focus on strategic delivery and exceptional experiences is why clients choose GAP. 


Embracing the future with AI & better results 

GAP sees how the business world constantly evolves, and is ready to help tech leaders adapt, innovate and navigate this time of rapid technological advancement. For example, a recent Gartner poll shows 45% of executives are increasing investments in AI, and more than half of organizations are exploring generative AI. However, most businesses currently lack the internal resources to navigate the complexities of AI.  

As modern technology tools become a more integral component of business strategy, GAP can help clients secure a competitive advantage and sustainable growth with sought-after expertise in AI, machine learning and business intelligence. By building and growing AI and data-focused technology teams, we take our clients on a transformative journey without the need for a complete overhaul of existing teams. 

In today’s fast-paced competitive landscape, marked by rapid technological advancements, software and data engineering teams are often stretched thin and overwhelmed. Adding to this complexity is the vast array of outsourcing services, leaving leaders uncertain about where to start in selecting the right technology solutions partner.  

At GAP, our people-first approach fosters partnerships and helps clients align their technology initiatives with their business objectives. From Series A to the Fortune 500, we help companies in every industry to innovate, automate, make better business decisions with data, and scale more effectively. 

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