Data Migration Process Doesn’t Have to Be Costly: Why Expert Consulting Matters

Data Migration Process Doesn’t Have to Be Costly: Why Expert Consulting Matters
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Companies often struggle nowadays with data migration process. It’s an important goal — yet many mistakes can detract from a desirable outcome. Time pressures and budget constraints only add to the challenges.

Data migration process is more complex than it looks. Any time you move data to a different system, you face a range of potential issues from inconveniences to outright loss of service. Each environment has different technologies and configurations; it’s not as straightforward as copying a document from one folder to another.

Also, while it’s advantageous to migrate data to the cloud, there are costs and risks if not done right. Financial costs can quickly escalate out of control, and security and functionality may suffer. That’s why it’s important to work with a data migration expert.

Let’s take a look at the basics of data migration — and how pairing with a consultant from Growth Acceleration Partners can help your migration run smoothly.

How Does Data Migration Process Work?

Data migration is the transfer of digital information from one location to another. Typically this involves taking the vast store of data amassed by an organization and moving it to the cloud.

Migration entails several stages. Before you even get started, there should be a substantial amount of planning. Then one has to configure the target location to match the requirements, prepare the data, and move data from the old system to the new one. And then there’s post-migration maintenance — testing the migrated data and cleaning up.

Data migration has a lot more complexity than just a quick copy and paste. A misstep at any data migration process stage can corrupt data, waste time and money, or cause other serious problems.

Without the trained eye of a data migration expert, it’s easy to overlook important steps. And transferring data haphazardly increases the likelihood of neglecting aspects of the data and preparation of the systems. A failure could result in interruptions of business operations and financial loss — and critical mistakes can also cause serious, long-term problems, especially if you don’t spot the errors right away.

The more applications you use, the more complications you add to the data and its migration. Data tends to clump together, making it harder to move. Applications and databases also have specific ways of interacting with data that need to be maintained through the migration. A poorly managed migration thus risks impacting future business processes.

Fortunately, a data migration consultant such as Growth Acceleration Partners can save you from the costs and risks of a do-it-yourself job. Working with an experienced partner mitigates the risk of exposure during migrations.

Data migration to the cloud.

The Role of Data Migration Consultants

Data migration consultants assist organizations in conducting efficient data migration projects. Our experts bring their knowledge and experience in all stages of migration, from planning to testing and cleaning up.

Expert consultants make the complexity of data migration manageable. We  offer a source of safety, instead of navigating the unknowns on your own and chancing inaccurate or incomplete migrations. Furthermore, expert consulting will unlock maximum value from your data — rather than leaving it idling in legacy systems. After migration, your data will become easier to analyze and monetize.

Collaborating with a trusted data migration expert offers you a more efficient use of time and resources. Rather than struggling with the project’s complexities slowly, you can focus on what you do best. Meanwhile, the experts will handle what they do best: rapidly bringing your data into modern frameworks.

When you work with a data migration consultant from Growth Acceleration Partners, you get to sit back and let the complicated processes play out —  we’ll handle all the messy prep work. You’re also assured a secure and compliant migration. Our consultants have already gone through these challenges and are ready to offer you their hard-won wisdom.

Data migration experts will create and execute a project plan encompassing methods to handle the migration itself, as well as monitor the environment. End-to-end planning lets you evaluate the full cost of migration before you dive in, so you can effectively budget for the transition.

Ensure a Successful Data Migration

Hiring data migration experts is the key to a safe and effective project. Avoid all the pitfalls of trying a complex migration unassisted — there’s no excuse to take on these risks when you can affordably turn to the expertise of an established migration consultant.

Growth Acceleration Partners has become a data migration leader after handling countless seamless transitions. In addition to ensuring the security of data throughout migration, GAP makes data usable for value-adding business activities. We step beyond data migration,  assisting with software development for the cloud, analytics, information systems, artificial intelligence, predictive modeling and more!

When you need to achieve an IT project with certainty, working with a reliable partner is best. Start your data migration today with Growth Acceleration Partners!