7 Benefits of Choosing the Right Digital Transformation Advisory Services for Your Company

7 Benefits of Choosing the Right Digital Transformation Advisory Services for Your Company
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Digital transformation advisory services are a fairly broad business strategy capable of solving challenges and generating several new opportunities through the use of technology. However, it isn’t just adopting new technology that accomplishes your objectives, because that will also require acceptance and adoption of the technology, and finding ways of delivering increased value to all your clients. Nearly all companies in business today are involved with some level of digital transformation, and some companies commit a significant portion of their annual budget to this process because of the tremendous benefits  it can bring to your company.

Generally speaking, the digital transformation strategies that can bring the most significant  value to your organization  fully align with your company’s operational and financial goals. Many companies involve themselves with digital transformation as a means of producing products better, cheaper and faster than they ever have in the past. In addition to these benefits, there are several significant benefits that can accrue to your company if you faithfully adopt the principles associated with digital transformation. Most companies lack the expertise in-house to bring about this kind of profound business change, so it becomes necessary to avail yourself of digital transformation advisory services. If you find the right partner to help you accomplish your digital transformation, all the benefits described below can accrue to your company.

Reduce costs

This is typically one of the starting points for any digital transformation initiative. According to Gartner, Inc., approximately 66% of all digital transformation initiatives begin with goals related to cost. Companies can use digital tools and methods to improve efficiency, reduce production and overhead costs, streamline aftermarket service, and support productivity. By beginning in the area of cost, it becomes possible to measure other benefits as well. For instance, you can achieve a more efficient operation by avoiding costs associated with inefficient use of energy, extended downtime and a number of other factors.

Improving sustainability efforts

Digital tools and methodologies are used to support the most sustainable possible future, and this can be done starting with the design and engineering of any given product. Engineering design can help to improve the use, production and disposal of any product. When engineering specialists design sustainable products, they  carefully consider all processes, materials and logistics used to produce and distribute them. When using digital technologies — such as the Internet of Things, performance management, CAD and simulation — far less material and energy can be consumed, lower emissions can be achieved, and less waste will be generated in the manufacture of products.

Improving collaboration

Any organization comprised of a group of silos inherently must endure a number of negative impacts, such as stymied growth, inefficiency, lower competitiveness and an increased risk of making mistakes. There are many digital transformation strategies and technologies that help to promote greater collaboration among teams and vendors. It will be possible to establish continuity across your entire enterprise so you can be more flexible and deliver high-quality products in a shorter period of time. When you have better collaboration, your business will improve, and the customer will always benefit. One good way to improve collaboration through digital transformation is by adopting cloud-based tools designed to allow for more flexible and frequent communication.

Decrease time to market

There’s no question the pace of business has accelerated significantly in the last decade. Customers expect to have new and better products regularly, and some challenges are associated with supply chain management. These are two areas where digital transformation advisory services can help in a major way, by accelerating product development and improving supply chain execution. Agile tools and methodologies can be adopted so innovation is the result and a shortened time to market becomes possible. Several collaborative tools are available that promote agile and flexible product development, help you eliminate bottlenecks, streamline collaboration, and simplify access for users.

Promote growth

Growth initiatives have tremendous transformative potential for any business that makes a serious effort to use them. Digital transformation does not necessarily include minor improvements to your current processes and products, but instead is more focused on identifying new ways to generate profit within your business. This could be in the form of new revenue streams, new business models, or simply increasing throughput and yield of your current product lines.

Improve the customer experience

These days, customer experience is paramount, because the better the customer experience is, the more likely it becomes that a customer will become a loyal purchasing client. That means companies must consider potential efforts to transform the customer experience. You can do this with improved quality, better service, faster delivery or more innovative features and products. Any way you can eliminate customer pain points and include feedback into your product offerings will help to improve the customer experience and enjoy much better customer retention.

Improve compliance

Regulatory compliance is a major issue in virtually all industries. It can be associated with safety, quality, distribution, emissions or other regulations specific to a given industry. That means companies will require greater access and visibility to the data associated with their processes and  product performance. The two most important technologies that support this type of transformation are application lifecycle management for software and product lifecycle management for hardware. These two are the backbone of product development strategies for  companies wishing to achieve regulatory compliance.

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