GAP’s Public Cloud Advisory Services will provide a cloud-agnostic, independent report that considers the needs of your organization against currently available public cloud offerings. Focused on application specific workloads, GAP prioritizes performance, availability, manageability and cost when assessing the best cloud providers. Going a step further, the recommendations also factor in your corporate culture and skillset of the existing team to determine the best fit for your organization.

Find the Best Cloud Solution for You

With this service, GAP will provide your team with an executive summary of recommended courses of action. Our process for analyzing public cloud providers identifies the solution best suited for your organization and application based on your stated priorities. Whether that’s features, cost, skills or time to market, GAP will provide a set of recommendations tailored specifically for your company.

Full Analysis and Partnership from an Independent Cloud Consulting Company

We work in tandem to collaborate with your internal team of domain experts to fully understand factors that contribute to your decision-making process. With our full, detailed analysis, GAP will equip your team with the most comprehensive understanding of your options in public cloud providers. The final report includes:

  • Cost analysis breakdown for your data and typical workload
  • Strengths and weaknesses of each provider measured against the strengths and weaknesses of your team, security and government regulations, among other important contributing factors

Beyond assisting in pinpointing the best solution for your public cloud needs, GAP will also equip your team with migration strategies from current application to your chosen cloud provider.

Whether you pick a single cloud provider or adopt a multi-cloud strategy, GAP can help. Read more from our CIO Dave Moore on the topic in this article: “Why it’s time to ‘embrace the discomfort’ with cloud vendor lock-in.”


GAP offers vendor agnostic assessment by an array of in-house experts who have significant experience in most cloud platforms and dozens of certifications. At GAP, we value your success as much as our own, and will work with you to achieve the best outcomes.

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GAP helps teams who want to build applications faster, but lack the resources and expertise. With best security practices and best-in-class processes, GAP delivers a well architected framework for your application.

Ready to dive in? Let’s make your digital transformation become your competitive advantage. Dave and his team are here to help you quickly make the right decisions to move forward.

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