Modernize, elevate and maintain your engineering infrastructure with ease, using GAP’s experience with Cloud Native development and legacy modernization. Monetize your data, build resilient, scalable apps, and achieve a faster time to market with technology modernization.

By partnering with GAP, you will work with seasoned experts certified in cloud vendor best practices and with special focus on microservices. Whether you’re starting from scratch or migrating from monolithic applications, GAP’s team will expertly guide your AWS or Azure architecture framework projects from concept to completion, providing recommendations best aligned with your company’s organizational requirements.

Assessment and Advisory for a Roadmap with Application Modernization

GAP lends itself as a trusted, agnostic advisor, helping you set up an application modernization roadmap and navigate your project from design to delivery. GAP will collaborate with your leadership team over the course of several months, gathering data to assess current business and technology issues, while leveraging as many current technology assets as possible to build a bridge to a future state. At the conclusion of this assessment period, GAP will deliver a roadmap for the recommended course of action We will also provide your team with an estimated timeline and cost, and outlined phases of delivery. Our goal is to equip you with the necessary information for all stages of execution, and ultimately, for project success.

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