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In today’s world, data is the gold standard.  At GAP, we develop next generation insights – to answer current questions and design models to surface additional ones.  Your data is the most valuable asset and we offer multiple service layers to unlock insights and realize its full potential.

Data Science as a Service

GAP is the leader in data monetization. Our Centers of Engineering Excellence (COEs) in Latin America focus on combining business acumen with top-notch expertise.

We can provide your organization with a team of highly qualified data scientists and engineers who have expertise in:

  • artificial intelligence
  • data analytics    
  • data science
  • information systems
  • machine learning
  • predictive modeling  

Data Integration and Transformation

GAP offers the ability to streamline development, increase productivity and assure confidence by implementing reliable processes that convert data into high quality, current information for effective decisions.

  • Integrating advanced analytics and ML frameworks (such as R, Python, Apache Spark, H20.ai, KNIME, SAS or MATLAB)
  • Providing analytic results and other web services for downstream integration or mobile applications
  • Data Translations Services – ETL
    • Data loading and analysis: in-memory (e.g. RDBMS, spreadsheets), in-database (e.g. Hadoop) or on-demand (e.g. event data streams)
    • Data Source Connections (e.g. Oracle, NoSQL, Hadoop, SAP Hana, Cloud Services)
  • Data Warehouse Configuration
    • In-line and ad-hoc data wrangling functionality
  • IoT device provisioning and data gathering

Data Visualization

Data visualization is the presentation of data in a graphical format that enables decision makers to grasp difficult concepts or identify new patterns.

GAP offers these data visualization services:

  • UI and Application Interface. Ease-of use and an intuitive UI to navigate and manage large/complex data sets.
  • Design visualizations for complex data sets including dashboards such as bar charts, pie charts, histogram, scatter plots, tree-maps, trellis charts, and many more.
  • Geo-analytics to enable location-based analysis (e.g. spatial search, location-based clustering, distance and route calculation).

Other Services

Mobile App Development

From blueprint and wireframes to native Android and iOS apps, GAP can get you an App for that.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Manual and QA automation for functional and regression testing. Ensure your software is “user ready”.

Web/Cloud Applications

Latest technology and experience to create custom web applications that solve business problems.

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