A True Technology Partner Driving Digital Transformation

A True Technology Partner Driving Digital Transformation
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A values-driven firm, Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP) focuses on helping clients attain long-term success through digital transformation. Known for its ability to act as a strategic technology solutions partner, the company specializes in offering top-notch digital transformation consulting and data solutions to assist clients in navigating their digital journey. It combines in-depth domain knowledge and technical expertise to deliver transparent and transformative outcomes for elevating clients’ businesses through technology and process modernization. In a conversation with CIO Applications, Dave Moore, former chief innovation officer of GAP, sheds light on how the company designs next-generation cloud-based solutions to help clients scale their businesses and make better data-driven decisions.

Roadblocks in Implementing Effective Digital Transformation Measures

In today’s fast-paced business environment, going digital is a must, as businesses don’t have the luxury of moving at their own pace. They have to think beyond leveraging technologies and report automation to embrace digital transformation at its best. This is a task easier said than done. For companies traversing the digital transformation path, identifying an ideal way to migrate their legacy applications to the cloud is arduous. Adding to this is the complexity of choosing the right cloud service provider that fits their purpose and business objectives. Organizations seeking to modernize their applications in a cloud-native fashion with zero-downtime maintenance lack the skills and environment to make that possible. That’s where we make a world of difference for clients. Acting as our clients’ trusted technology advisor, we assist businesses in completing critical digital projects on time with our unrivaled expertise in digital transformation consulting. To this end, we offer holistic, unbiased, and independent assessments that help understand their current technology challenges and drive ROI by optimizing their development processes.

Enabling a Full-Cycle Digital Transformation

What lies at the heart of our digital transformation consulting is our expert guidance, strategic approach, and technical know-how. This helps us deliver a powerful suite of transformation advisory services that entails advisory and architectural consulting, technology application assessment, and public cloud advisory. Our advisory and architectural consulting services allow us to conduct complete assessments of clients’ tech stack, focusing on modernizing their current systems. This pre-configured service offering optimizes multi-source data ingestion, management, and other processes. Based on these data points, we create a robust roadmap that helps clients leverage reliable and scalable cloud services to modernize their legacy processes. In addition, it allows businesses to enhance their overall application architecture, infrastructure, automation, and resiliency, reducing operational costs and increasing revenue. The second arm of our service portfolio is comprehensive technology application assessments that provide an unbiased view of any applications’ pros and cons clients intend to license, buy, or build. This is ideal, as they often lack the time, tools, or talent to effectively analyze a particular application. We perform technical due diligence on the asset and help carve out a recommended course of action with our in-depth domain expertise. 

We also collaborate with clients to recommend the best cloud platforms and key technologies by leveraging our public cloud advisory services. We work with their tech experts, perform complete systems analysis, and create custom migration strategies that best fit their needs. Providing them with customized cloud-agnostic independent reports, we equip clients with information on their cost analysis breakdown of data, workload, and each provider’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Simplifying Operations to Drive Better ROI

Our proprietary GAP-Built Accelerators framework underlies all our service offerings and enables clients to deploy or destroy infrastructure at the push of a button, saving them time and resources during a development project. The framework is powered by Terraform, which simplifies app development, data ingestion, and modern analytics with reusable architecture and infrastructure components. It saves them six to nine months of development time and helps get their time to value much faster. With our accelerator, we can wire all development components together to create an application scenario while allowing clients to modify them if they want. They can have the entire infrastructure up and running in an hour. 

Taking Clients through the Digital Transformation Journey

We take a unique approach to engaging and communicating with our clients. Our process begins with highly collaborative meetings with their C-suite to navigate tough business decisions. We usually conduct these meetings two or three times a week to interview the stakeholders. Through these interactions, we determine what clients want to accomplish and how we can help execute their business objectives. We also invest in research to provide clients with strong recommendations to achieve their goals. In doing so, we tie every technology decision to key business benefits, leading to increased revenue generation. Our approach is to go end-to-end with every collaboration. We ensure that we become clients’ sole partner in their overall implementation process. While there are many processes we assist them with, our goal is to tailor our services to their exact needs and offer a customized experience 

About Dave Moore

Dave Moore

Dave Moore is GAP’s Chief Innovation Officer. He is a seasoned technology executive with more than 25 years of experience in conceptualization and crafting innovative solutions that provide scalability, widespread end-user adoption, and substantially increased revenue. Dave’s experience has given him unique insight into building diverse teams, and expert knowledge of microservices, Serverless, cloud optimization, cloud assessment services, CI/CD, security, big data and open-source technologies. You can connect with Dave on LinkedIn, or send him an email.


Reprinted with permission from CIO Applications