Growth Acceleration Partners Welcomes New Vice President of Delivery

Growth Acceleration Partners Welcomes  New Vice President of Delivery
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JANUARY 31, 2023 — SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA — Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP), a strategic technology solutions partner, is delighted to announce business process delivery expert Milagro Prado has joined GAP as the new vice president of delivery. 

Prado brings over 20 years of people management experience and delivery processes expertise in outsourcing transnational teams blended with digital agency and technology environments. Prior to joining GAP, she gained experience in leadership, business strategy and digital transformation at  Lionbridge, Publicis Global Delivery LatAm, PlumChoice and IBM. She is a graduate of the University of Costa Rica in Economics and Business. 

“Mila is a recognized leader in technology in Latin America. As GAP continues to grow at a record pace, her experience building large, scalable leadership teams will position us to continue to delight our clients with world-class service,” said GAP’s CTO Paul Brownell. “Mila brings a customer-centric consulting mindset, which will enhance our ability to be a strategic technology partner for our clients.”

GAP Delivery Services provide software and data engineering services for revenue-generating solutions. GAP applies a unique, team-based approach to deliver better decisions, providing superior product outcomes via expertise in cloud-native, SaaS and mobile applications. GAP’s diverse, experienced teams create, analyze and modernize software solutions related to testing, automation and application development.

“It inspires me that GAP is a women-owned company, and I can see the company’s female leadership. In the technology sector, it has been difficult to open a niche, not only for women in general, but also for women in leadership positions,” noted Prado. “I find it fascinating to work in a company where the executive team has such inspiring people.” 

Prado now leads the GAP Delivery Team  dispersed across the LatAm. Her responsibilities encompass Delivery Team leadership, with a focus on customer delight, greatness as a tribe and financial health. 

Along with adding Prado, GAP made an additional change within its Executive Team. GAP’s former vice president of delivery, Erika Carvajal, is now vice president of information services. Since joining GAP in 2009, Carvajal has been essential in GAP’s successes. In her new position, she now leads knowledge management — including the creation, usage and storage of intellectual property — along with business process optimization and digital transformation for the connection of systems and optimal use of data at GAP. 

“I’m grateful about this new opportunity at GAP,” Carvajal said. “My goal is to move the right pieces to contribute to our scaling and growth plan for the upcoming years.” 

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