Growth Acceleration Partners Expands Services in AI and Data to Expertly Solve Clients’ Critical Challenges

Growth Acceleration Partners Expands Services in AI and Data to Expertly Solve Clients’ Critical Challenges
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Austin, TX – August 8, 2023 – Today, Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP), a strategic leader in developing specialized software and data solutions, announces an expansion and enhancement of its service offerings, positioning itself at the forefront of AI, software and data engineering expertise to accelerate customers’ digital transformation journeys.

Building upon a foundation of designing revenue-generating software and data solutions, GAP continuously adapts to meet market demands for advanced technology. The company’s seasoned leadership, bolstered by a team of specialized technology experts, expanded its offerings to include additional software, data, AI and engineering automation services.

“GAP is constantly evolving to ensure we meet the emerging needs of our clients,” said GAP CEO and co-founder Joyce Durst. “Our increasing focus on specialized software and data engineering, including AI and machine learning, reaffirms our commitment to helping businesses solve critical challenges and thrive in an ever-changing technological landscape.”

The company’s technology expertise — enhanced with 19 technical Centers of Excellence and refined over 16 years of organic growth — stands as a testament to its industry-leading position in empowering companies to stay competitive in today’s data-driven business environment.

Unlike traditional nearshore staff augmentation companies, GAP prides itself on truly solving complex technology problems, understanding business objectives and creating dynamic technology solutions. U.S.-based project managers also ensure seamless communication and lead teams of highly-skilled engineers operating in U.S. time zones, guaranteeing timely delivery.

Additionally, GAP’s dedication to nurturing professional growth among its engineering teams enables the company to stay ahead of the curve, ready to provide expertise in today’s most sought-after programming languages and scale during economic fluctuations. GAP prioritizes investing in its people, fostering a culture of continuous learning, innovation and growth. This commitment to employee development translates to exceptional client experiences and competitive edge for each client.

“We remain steadfast in our vision of delivering world-class technology solutions, while also helping our clients navigate the uncertainty in planning and staffing through their digital transformations,” said Darryl Worsham, GAP’s general manager for its Modernize & Mobilize offering. “Our success in AI and data services — along with our top tier capabilities in application modernization — is a testament to this commitment and a symbol of our leadership. High-growth companies are increasingly looking to leverage AI and data-driven solutions, and we’re poised to help improve their business strategies with services to scale smarter.”

For more details on GAP’s expanded service, please visit WeAreGAP.com/services.

About Growth Acceleration Partners
At GAP, we consult, design, build and deliver revenue-generating software and data solutions for clients. With modernization services and AI tools, we help businesses achieve a competitive advantage through technology. GAP expertly builds and manages remote, integrated engineering teams so customers can scale smarter and remain on the cutting edge.