Transforming Retail Inventory Management with a Mobile App

Transforming Retail Inventory Management with a Mobile App
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Mission Data releases employee mobile app for greenhouse giant ColorPoint


Spring is here, and for the greenhouse industry, that means business is blooming. Between Mother’s Day, when Americans spend an estimated $2.4 billion on flowers for mom, and the start of the home gardening season, this is a busy time for green thumbs. Mission Data recently launched an employee productivity app for client ColorPoint (now known as AG Tech Scientific), the 8th-largest greenhouse in the U.S., to help the company manage its inventory.

These days, the majority of live nursery plants grown in U.S. greenhouses are sold at big-box retailers. ColorPoint, which operates locations in Paris, KY and Granville, IL, produces and distributes live plants to large retailers such as Lowe’s and Walmart. ColorPoints’ workforce partners with Lowe’s and Walmart nursery store personnel to ensure the health of the plants.

ColorPoint wanted an easy way to give the employees at big-box stores critical information about their plant orders and instructions for care. Mission Data designed and engineered iOS and Android native mobile apps centered on providing big-box nursery staff with direct access to critical information. ColorPoint’s ERP system data is now available through an API on a smartphone delivering up-to-date live nursery plant order information.

colorpoint-retail-inventory-mobile app

The ColorPoint iOS and Android native mobile apps were released for private enterprise distribution to big-box nursery store personnel. The app successfully delivers real-time access to critical plant order and care information.

ColorPoint is known for its forward approach to technology, having implemented RFID cart tracking, demand-driven forecasting, and a proprietary order replenishment software program. We’re thrilled to work with them as they lead digital transformation in their industry.