A strategic ally in the technological innovation of your company

A strategic ally in the technological innovation of your company
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Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP) was born in Costa Rica to become the strategic partner for companies seeking to innovate in technology. Today it employs more than 500 collaborators from 20 countries. It has opted to invest not only in its clients but also in its collaborators and the communities.

by José Antonio Alvarado Trejos, for Brand Voice


Striving for greatness, Being agile and Investing in people are the pillars and corporate values of Growth Acceleration Partners. Its initials make up the company name and guide all company actions and decisions. Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP) is a technology company founded in 2007. For 15 years has provided exceptional experience as a strategic leader of technology solutions. GAP offers software and data solutions through world-class engineering teams and digital transformation consulting services.

Its co-founder and CEO, Joyce Durst, mentions that from the beginning, they wanted to “create a company that focused on two objectives: create an environment that was so exceptional that people wanted to work there throughout their careers and focus on how to provide so much value to our clients that they couldn’t imagine working with another technology firm in their lifetimes.”

This has been the north of GAP during its 15 years of presence in the market, seeking to help companies and organizations define a technological path that propels them into the future through the creation of long-term strategic associations that combines broad domain knowledge with deep technical expertise to transform your goals into data and software solutions that drive business results.

Currently, 100% of their clients are based in the United States and come from multiple industries. One of its main differentiators from the competition is that its clients emphasize that they see the company as a strategic partner, not as a supplier, trusting them to contribute innovative ideas and recommendations that allow them to continue innovating and building this roadmap toward the future.

Investing in people and in the community: the key to GAP’s success

Since its inception, GAP has become more than a technology company. It has made a difference in the market in all its actions. Its contribution begins with its investment in its collaborators in topics such as education, health, and well-being, among other areas. “We care about them as human beings. We want them to have well-being and feel comfortable in a company where they can grow and be happy,” explains Andrea Mena, VP of People at GAP.

According to Mena, each collaborator has a professional development coach who guides them to build the path to follow according to their personal and professional goals. It also offers financial aid for the academic training of its employees, as well as workshops and certifications in technical education and soft skills.

GAP seeks to invest in its collaborators, aware that they are people with a purpose who seek real professional growth, considering that they are integral people with multiple interests and needs. This is why it has also developed a series of programs that are part of “GAP Communities” in which employees have spaces for recreation, wellness, exercise and professional development.

However, this investment is not limited to its collaborators but also extends to communities. Through the “GAP Gives” corporate social responsibility program, the company focuses on three categories: people, environment, and purpose, carrying out actions such as tutorials for female software development students, developing programs for children on topics such as robotics and technology, working hand in hand with foundations such as Tree Nation, 4 Ocean, and Aldeas SOS; generating a positive impact not only on its employees and families but also on its customers, suppliers, and communities. Thanks to this program, in 2021, it was possible to give back more than $100,000 to local communities.

Furthermore, as a company founded and led by a woman, GAP has intended to build a diverse organization, one that is multicultural, multigenerational, multigender and empowered to work cohesively through rigorous ongoing training. “We believe that actively embracing diversity drives better business results and builds a strong company culture. Diverse backgrounds and perspectives, combined with an inclusive culture, foster better decision-making and lead to better results,” explains the company’s CEO.

“If companies are not investing in digital transformation, they will soon be out of business.”

According to GAP, technology drives companies forward. If a company does not invest in technology, others will grow beyond it and it will be left behind in the business. Given this need, GAP seeks to help its clients in digital transformation, analyzing each company’s work area and thinking about how it can transform and innovate. “We are experts in technology and digital transformation and how a business can leverage technology to improve business results, increase revenue, lower costs and drive better profits. Clients trust us to bring them those innovative ideas so they can keep moving.” moving quickly,” explains Durst.

The company that has its heart in Costa Rica employs more than 500 employees, of which 254 reside in the country, representing 51% of its workforce. GAP now has about 200 vacancies in Latin America for bilingual professionals (Spanish-English) with profiles such as Engineering Software, Quality Assurance (QA), Data Engineers, Software Architects, Product Owners, and Delivery Managers. Specific technologies they are looking for include Angular, ReactJS, VueJS, NodeJS, .Net, Python, Ruby on Rails, C#, DevOps, Java, and more.

GAP offers the opportunity to work under the work-from-home model, for which it employs personnel from all over the national territory and from anywhere in Latin America, so much so that its employees are distributed in 20 countries. Likewise, the company has modern offices in Granadilla de Curridabat, San Carlos, Medellín (Colombia) and Texas (United States) so that employees can enjoy these spaces with their work teams and find a balance between time at home and collaborative work. People interested in applying for jobs can access the website.

“When we started this company, our goal was from the beginning to be the best company to work for in all of Latin America. Today we maintain this goal and continue to grow 30 to 40 percent a year. We seek to continue being that engine of technological innovation for companies and help them discover how to do things faster and better,” concluded the CEO.

June 24, 2022

Written by Por José Antonio Alvarado Trejos

Reprinted with permission from La Nación newspaper

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