Pan American Partnerships: Leveraging The Best of Both Worlds

Pan American Partnerships: Leveraging The Best of Both Worlds
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In a lot of our blogs here at GAP, we cover a wide range of technical topics such as big data, analytics, user experience design, machine learning and much more.

In this blog post, we take a slight departure from the technology and discuss how GAP has blended the best of North American talent and resources with that of Latin America.  We explore how our nearshore business model can help plug gaps in the workforce (pardon the pun!) by placing skilled talent when and where businesses need it.

We also share the origins of the relationships between our North and Latin American teams have grown and how we’re able to pass the benefits of strong working relationships onto our clients to ultimately give them the best of both worlds.

Download our Pan-American Partnerships Guide to understand the importance of building relationships in Latin America.

PanAm – The Best of Both Worlds

While the phrase PanAmerican isn’t widely used in the Americas, here at GAP, we believe it’s the ideal way to frame the unique relationships and business model our company has been able to build upon between our North and Latin America sites.

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We believe it also represents how our relationship is based on mutual respect and the understanding of shared values that can give your business the edge it needs in today’s competitive market while also remaining economical at the same time.

The origins of the “the best of both worlds” has somewhat of a unique story behind it, which is worth sharing some context around.  I have daughters and when they were younger they used to watch a television show called Hannah Montana which starred Miley Cyrus and featured a song called the “Best of Both Worlds”.  A main thread in the show was that by day, Hannah Montana was a regular girl, from a small town that went to school and did regular things, but by night, was a Rockstar.

While this might be a silly example, the main point of this is that in the show, Hannah Montana was able to to bring the best of each of these experiences and merge them as one, and this is what we do at GAP.  We take the best things from North and Latin America and combine these as one to offer our clients literally the best of both worlds.  Our purpose is to ignite the combined brilliance of the Americas in support of products and people and community.


Relationships are fundamental to forming the foundations that GAP is built on; for example, Rodolfo Acuna, seasoned technologist and CTO for GAP and I have built a working relationship that despite having some differences we’ve formed a strong partnership.

Being from Austin, Texas, there is naturally wide array of musical styles, not to mention the Latin music scene is just as vibrant and similarly is rich with culture.  With this is mind, I put together a Skype Channel with a view to discussing random topics, a virtual water cooler if you will, and started to talk about music that each other enjoyed.

This went on to form the nucleus of what has helped develop long-standing working relationships at GAP between North American, Latin America and South America.

Starting off from commonalities in things that each other enjoys such as musical taste, has helped foster deeper insights into personalities across the group, it also helped build trust amongst the team, despite often being located in different geographic regions.

Darryl Worsham and Rodolfo Acuna

Digital collaboration tools, coupled with the trusted relationship that has been built over time through literally hundreds of connections has helped lay solid foundations for, transparent and honest communication.  This ensured that members of the GAP family can talk not only just about fun and recreational topics but also discussions can take place freely and openly where people don’t always agree.

Added Value for Clients

Whether clients are new, existing or prospective, one thing that all of them notice about GAP is that there is immediate trust throughout the GAP.  It signals to our clients that they can have the same working relationship with GAP – at scale.

As clients recognize how GAP interact and communicate with each other across the group, regardless of geographical location, it becomes obvious that GAP can operate at velocity and without sacrificing any quality.

Quality is paramount for the delivery of software projects and GAP recognizes this, regardless of the software delivery methodology, problems can and will arise.  Requirements can be misinterpreted or miscommunicated, staff can leave or roll-off onto other projects and as a client, this can naturally be cause for concern.

Download our Pan-American Partnerships Guide to understand the importance of building relationships in Latin America.

Removing Risk with our “2NABox” model

In the world of software, problems can and will arise, there’s no getting away from that.  Interconnected web applications and interfaces with cloud databases add layers of complexity, as does user experience design needs, for software developers.

Here at GAP, we recognize that clients may have reservations about introducing a nearshore business model to help deliver their software project and our unique “two in a box” model serves to alleviate and last-minute causes for concern.

In any of our projects, we deploy a Delivery Manager in our nearshore team and a Sales Manager from our North American team.  Both parties are tightly bound and effectively “in a box” together and serve to provide our clients with a unified view of their projects.  Both are responsible for the successful delivery of your project that brings the best resources from North and Latin.

During the ideation phase of a project and with slightly different cultural backgrounds, our LATAM teams have generated different ideas and approaches for software projects that have been well received by our North American clients.  It’s also worth mentioning that all this collaboration has taken place online, using communication tools that we like to think of as our “digital porch”.  This goes back to the strong relationships we’ve built across our business which ultimate our clients gain the benefit


Being able to scale, effectively on-demand and with minimal disruption to your project is another one of the real value adds that GAP brings to your engineering team.  Our nearshore capacity shares a similar time zone to that of our North American clients making collaboration agile and seamless.

North and South American Time Zone

Our teams are highly skilled and deliver solutions that are economically attractive for our clients, factor in all of this with easy travel zones, strong working relationships cross the border and our “two in a box model” and you can be assured that we can help you deliver your software project.

Download our Pan-American Partnerships Guide
to understand the importance of building relationships in Latin America.

Summary: Our services include user experience design

Here at Growth Acceleration Partners, our purpose is to take the best qualities from North and Latin America and combine the brilliance, the products, the people and communities that we work with.  We package this up for clients into a unique delivery model that ultimately gives them the best of both worlds.

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We have extensive expertise in many verticals and are well-positioned to offer the benefits of the nearshore business model.  Our Centers of Engineering Excellence (COEs) in Latin America focus on combining business acumen with top-notch expertise, not to forget our unique “2NABox” model, coupled with longstanding working relationships across Northern and Latin America all work towards ensuring the successful delivery of your project and can provide your organization with resources in the following areas:

  • software development for cloud and mobile applications
  • data analytics
  • data science
  • information systems
  • user experience design
  • machine learning
  • predictive modeling
  • QA and QA Automation

If you’d like to find out more, follow us on social, arrange a call with us or send us an email?