Nearshoring – Why Choose GAP?

Nearshoring – Why Choose GAP?
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We cover a lot of topics in our blog posts here at GAP, including data science, analytics, software development and everything in between.

While we very rarely mention why you should choose GAP to partner with, in this blog post, we’ve decided to highlight some of the main reasons why collaborating with GAP can be beneficial to your business and your software delivery process. In part one of this two-part series, we cover some reasons why choosing GAP makes sense if you are currently offshoring and wondering whether you should consider a move.

Some things you need to consider:

Maybe you’ve outsourced the delivery of your software project to an Offshore (Eastern Europe or Asia) firm in the past, or maybe you are considering outsourcing a software developer for the first time. Whatever the case may be, there are often many things to consider. Let’s look at a few.

GAP’s Nearshore Model vs. Offshore in Eastern Europe/Asia
  • People/Talent – What kind of talent do they have inside their organization? What kind of talent do they have convenient access to?
  • Time Zone/Easy Travel Zone – Are your work hours aligned? Can you be face-to-face with your teams with relative ease?
  • Culture – How aligned are you and your software delivery partner with regards to how you think, solve problems, treat employees and care for the communities you live in? Do your values match?
  • Agile-Scrum Practice Plenty of partners claim Agile capability. How well does your partner know and use Agile? How well is it working, taking into account the people, time zone and culture?

These four points aren’t an exhaustive list, but let’s dig into the meat of how GAP can help alleviate concerns you might have around these points and much more!

GAP’s Skilled Talent Pool

GAP’s team members are called GAPsters. Getting into GAP is not easy. We look for world-class talent. Education, technical capability, fitting into the GAP culture and embracing our values are the key qualifications to become a GAPster. Whether you need fully functioning teams, or you need to augment your development team’s existing capabilities, GAPsters are prepared to deliver. From Architects to Data Scientists to seasoned Tech leads in key technology practices, GAP has a deep and diverse team of software developers that deliver.

GAP Team at Work

Time Zone/Easy Travel Zone

Remote teams can often be in other time zones. If your project’s mission is critical, you most likely do not want to wait 12-24 hours for an email. By selecting GAP’s LATAM nearshore software developer team to augment or take control of your software project, you will have instant access to some of the best technical resources in the industry. If project ambiguities cannot be resolved over digital tools, such as Slack, your team is only a half-day of travel away to gain face-to-face interaction.

A Software Developer With Cultural Fit and Similarities

Using GAP means that our cultural, values and belief systems are very aligned; thereby, reducing the likelihood of friction or miscommunication that can occur with a more traditional offshore business model. Commonalities in musical tastes, food and an appreciation for family serves to further deepen the cultural fit. In the digital world, the written word can occasionally be misinterpreted. This is especially true when communicating across different cultures. The success of your project depends on your team being able to seamlessly gel. GAP has a culture that embraces our North American clients and customers. Our values are easy to remember, just think of GAP. Strive for Greatness, Agile in Everything we do, Invest in People…GAP!

Agile Delivery and Mindset

GAP is equipped with an elite agile delivery practice. Our SAFe certified leaders know that to hit a peak point of velocity and quality in software product delivery requires a combination of talent, time zone, culture and a stick to approach toward a proven delivery methodology. For a thorough review of the GAP Agile practice click HERE.


In this blog post, we’ve looked at a handful of reasons why you should choose GAP to help with the delivery of your software project. We have explored some of the benefits and shared why we believe our unique business model is well placed to help ensure that your project is a success!

We have seen how our nearshore business model paired with in-depth technical capability, is a winning combination that removes most of the risks often associated with a remote software developer.

Here at Growth Acceleration Partners, we have extensive expertise in many verticals. Our Centers of Engineering Excellence (COEs) in Latin America focus on combining business acumen with the highest calibre of technical knowledge to help your business.

We can provide your organization with a team of highly qualified data scientists, engineers, software developers, mobile developers and consultants who are highly skilled in:

  • data analytics
  • data science
  • information systems
  • machine learning
  • predictive modeling
  • software development

If you’d like to find out more please visit How we work page. Or if you’d prefer, why not arrange a call with us? You can catch us on email if you’d prefer.

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