How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Recruitment and HR

How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Recruitment and HR
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We’ve discussed artificial intelligence (AI) in some of our earlier blog posts and in this post, we revisit AI and explore how the human resources and recruitment sectors are being affected by recent advancements in AI.

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Candidate Selection and Assessment

A key challenge often faced by HR departments is filtering and selecting quality candidates from the talent pool. Traditional methods such as keyword filtering can be helpful, but high-demand candidates will slip through the net during the initial review stage. With the help of AI, businesses are starting to implement solutions that streamline the candidate selection and assessment process, speeding up the first touchpoint with the best candidates.

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Companies such as Glider let businesses make better hiring decisions by applying AI to data throughout the recruitment funnel.  Companies such as KMPG, Facebook, and TATA are using the services Glider offer to help them:

  • rank candidates and send personalized messages based on qualifications
  • easily screen and identify qualified candidates
  • watch potential sales executives answer questions

The solution makes it especially easy to recruit technical candidates.  With Glider you can assign candidates real-world engineering simulations and evaluate their performance, with embedded video chat, you can also communicate with the candidate while they work!  With support for 40+ programming languages and the option to qualify candidates by using pre-built tests that ship with the product (or choose to write your own if you want to), Glider makes it easy to identify technical candidates.


Ideal is another service that leverages AI to help automate and improve your recruitment process. The service also helps you identify quality candidates from existing talent pools such as www.dice.com and www.careerbuilder.com, which also features chatbots that let your business engage with candidates 24×7!

The service connects directly with your applicant tracking system (ATS) and can be trained on your unique business requirements.  Every action you take, whether it be dismissing a candidate or bringing them in for an interview, is used to “train” the best traits and makes it smarter in sorting and filtering over time.

By leveraging chatbot technology, Ideal also cuts down the number of initial screening calls that your HR team and recruiters make during those early stages of the recruitment process.

Ideal Case Study

Indigo Books & Music is a popular department store for book lovers and as a business can be swamped with over 2,200 job applications every week!

Indigo wanted to streamline their existing recruitment processes and automate specific tasks while also improving the candidate experience.  They also wanted to get a handle on the vast quantity of applicants they were receiving and increase the “face to face” time store managers spent with candidates.

Within just 4 months of using Ideal, Indigo:

  • improved the candidate experience by reducing wait times
  • freed up time for store managers to undertake more “face to face” interviews
  • reduced the screening costs by 75%
  • reduced the overall cost per hire by 71%!

Download our guide to learn how AI impacts the recruitment process, enabling Human Resources to gather new insights.


Mya is another service that takes the form of a chatbot.  The bot was first introduced by FirstJob, a company dedicated to recruiting millennial talent and is billed as an AI recruitment agent that can reduce the typical recruitment teams demands by up to 75%!  Mya can do this by automating sourcing, screening, and scheduling of prospective candidates.

The service is producing great results and boasts the following stats:

  • 70% decrease in time to hire candidates
  • 80% of candidates re-engage with Mya in app or SMS
  • 91% of candidates complete the screen from Mya
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Mya begins “her” conversation with candidates after they apply for a position on your job site after the conversation is complete, Mya then sends your applicant tracking department a scorecard and transcript of the said conversation.  The chatbot also can schedule interviews with candidates and will update your team’s calendar and notify you.  You can find out more about Mya here.

With AI-powered services such as Glider, Ideal, and Mya, it’s easy to see how business can augment and improve their existing recruitment processes to help drive savings while at the same time, improving the candidate experience.

Improving Employee Engagement and Relationships

Artificial intelligence isn’t just affecting change in the recruitment process; it’s adding real benefits to businesses internal HR function, helping to improve employee engagement as well as existing working relationships.

Personal Assistants

HR departments often receive questions from numerous employees whether it be related sickness, PTO, benefits, and so on.  A lot of the responses to these questions can be answered by introducing chatbots to company intranets.

For example, the Microsoft Bot Framework makes it relatively straight-forward to build chatbots that can integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and to construct messaging dialogs that handle simple or complex HR queries.

X.AI and Amy

Amy is a virtual assistant that helps smooth the pain often associated when trying to schedule company meetings.  The service, powered by AI and featured in articles that include Forbes, Computer World, and TechCrunch helps to automate the meeting scheduling process by auto-suggesting appointment times that are suitable for everybody in your meeting distribution list.

The virtual assistant can do this by processing peoples responses and sending intelligent responses on behalf of you, thereby reducing the number of emails that go back and forth between colleagues.

Employee Coaching with HireVue

HireVue is another software tool that uses artificial intelligence to help automate the process of employee coaching.  The firm offer products that help businesses to:

  • help onboard and ramp up new employees faster
  • reinforce formal training with coaching
  • build “best practice” video catalog “coaching program” using you’re a “Star Players”

HireVue Case Study

Hotel chain Hilton used HireVue’s AI intelligence to identify top talent and boasted at 40% improvement in interview hire rates!  HireVue is proving popular and work with over 600 brands that include, but are not limited to Vodafone, Nike, Geico and Mercedez-Benz.


Glint – Employee Wellbeing and Attrition

Software platform Glint allows HR professionals to analyze data within their existing business and surface insights to help focus on employee engagement and attrition.  By applying predictive analytics and machine learning, Glint can generate real-time alerts for increased attrition, decreased performance or changes to other significant KPIs.

By using Glint, businesses can detect anomalies in hidden data before engagement levels are even impacted; thereby giving business leaders and managers sufficient time to introduce improvement measures.

Companies such as Sky, FICO, UpWork, and LinkedIn are using Glint. You can learn more about the platform here.

Download our guide to learn how AI impacts the recruitment process, enabling Human Resources to gather new insights.


In this blog post, we’ve revisited the value of artificial intelligence and explore how it is impacting recruitment and HR processes.  We’ve seen how AI can positively change hiring processes and employee satisfaction levels.

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