GAP’s full complement of expertise enables everything from hybrid team involvement to complete solution accountability. Our business model and hiring approach allow for large-scale delivery in both solutions and personnel while supporting the career growth of our experts in Costa Rica and Colombia.

Our recruiting, hiring and staffing process is conducted routinely for every applicant, for every position, in every location. With exceptionally high employee retention and employee advocation, we and our clients have come to rely on this robust process.

GAP receives and solicits resumes from many different sources, such as job fairs, university programs and, our favorite, employee referrals.

We perform a common process for all candidates:

Step One:

  • Technical resume review
  • Virtual pre-screen by a GAP recruiter for English language capabilities

Step Two:

  • In-person interview 1 / General knowledge assessment
  • In-person interview 2 / Technical knowledge assessment
  • Skills matrix test
  • Psychological test
  • Programming test

Step Three:

  • Reference check
  • GAP leadership interview

Step Four:

  • Client skills review and, if approved, client interview

If all steps are completed positively, an offer is made for employment with GAP.


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GAP offers far more than software development or QA services. We offer the collective wisdom gained from decades of building, growing and running successful businesses. We collaborate with customers to accelerate growth. We provide software solutions to meet business objectives. We operate with transparency and tenacity to deliver an exceptional experience as a continuous software delivery partner.

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We have had a great team working with us the last four years. They have brought a good base of knowledge as well as a strong team spirit that have made the group more of an extension rather than a separate group of contractors.

Proofpoint, Director of Engineering

Viki Parsons

Proofpoint, Director of Engineering