There are two equally important demands being placed on companies today with regard to software delivery.

  • One, the ever-increasing need for high-quality software delivery with velocity at scale.
  • Two, the economic reality that the availability, cost, and need for continuity in software engineering in the U.S. is at an all-time high.

Concerning the first, lean too far offshore and you may experience the “high cost of low cost.” This is where the structure and team look good in a spreadsheet, but the quality curve of delivery starts to rapidly evaporate as the time zones weigh heavily on everyone involved in delivery.

Concerning the second, lean too far onshore and you can expect hiring times and hiring costs to soar as your product backlog continues to grow with limited or no continuity. The high demands of U.S. hiring is a major disruption in team assimilation and retention.

Costa Rica and Colombia have available, experienced technical professionals.

GAP is one of the largest employers of software developers in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica boasts a literacy rate of 97 percent and the highest-rated engineering talent pool in Latin America. Medellín, Colombia is a rising star for nearshore software development.

Nearshore is the business solution you have been looking for.

Nearshore software development combines the cost-effectiveness of outsourcing together with the elimination of time zone and cultural challenges. You can augment your software development team with talented engineers who live in Costa Rica and Colombia.

Experience an ease of communication on all topics. Work in office the same travel day. Interact with individuals who share similar values around innovation, process improvement and outcomes.


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The GAP team is very skilled and knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. They work well together and with other on premise teams. Communication is timely and efficient. I highly recommend anyone looking to expand their team quickly to give them a look.

Amadeus Hospitality, Senior Software Developer

Richard German

Amadeus Hospitality, Senior Software Developer