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Brett Bachman - co-founder / partne

For Brett Bachman, it is never just about the App. As co-founder of Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP), a nearshore software-development company, he stresses that application development must start with the client’s business objectives and their customer needs.

Brett advocates nearshoring as the best way to create applications while reducing time to market and minimizing development costs. His approach:

  •        Build strategic partnerships with each client
  •        Leverage innovative application-development technologies
  •        Hire smart people and empower them to make decisions and move fast

Prior to GAP, Brett spent more than two decades in executive roles at numerous software-development firms, including:

  • Founding MS2, a venture-backed software company responsible for creating the PLM market and was acquired by Agile Software
  • Restructuring the product portfolio and increasing profitability at Vignette Corp., a web content-management firm
  • Leading a $100 million division at Fair Isaac Corp.
  • Working for Steve Jobs at NeXT Computer
  • Leading divisions at Informix, Oracle and Rational Software; designing computers for Data General Corp; and consulting for McKinsey & Company.

Brett earned an MBA from Harvard University, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT. Brett serves on the board of directors for Petzila, Inc. He and his wife are strong supporters of theater and classical music in Austin and New York City. When not at home in their downtown Austin condominium, they spend their time hiking, birdwatching, and studying Spanish in New Mexico and Latin America.

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