GAPBuilt Accelerator Templates for Cloud Native Web Applications

Deployed at the Push of a Button

Our GAPBuilt Accelerator Template deploys Infrastructure as Code for AWS or Azure at the push of a button. A single command deploys or destroys infrastructure in a target environment. Terraform serverless capabilities power the template that simplifies application development by leveraging reusable components of architecture and minimizing pain points around infrastructure, operations, and maintenance. The GAPBuilt Accelerator Template expedites the process through saving 6-9 months of development time.

Public Cloud Infrastructure for a Specific Scenario

GAPBuilt Accelerator Templates are highly scalable and create ease around cloud infrastructure that is traditionally time consuming and complicated. Key attributes such as resource naming, size, and tags externalized for easy customization. The template implements a PoV for service mesh decisions, and takes code that can be applied to specific scenarios such as highly scalable web apps or high speed data ingestion systems.


GAP offers seasoned experts to help teams that want to build applications faster, but lack the resources and skill. With best security practices and deep expertise, GAP delivers a well architected framework for your application.

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