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The Android operating system is the predominant mobile operating system. But variations with devices and operating systems can create gaps in your apps. Finding developers to craft Android apps can be a time consuming and expensive effort. Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP) can plug the gap in your Android app development team.

(GAP) is a nearshore outsource development company that has been an early Android developer. Over the years, GAP has gained a deep understanding of the technology required to craft Android applications. We have developed an enviable pool of talented Android developers that understand the technology and nuances associated with different Android devices.

Beyond technology, GAP approaches Android app development with a strategic, business-driven focus. We work with you to understand your business issues and desired outcome. We apply our extensive user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design experience and understanding of Android devices to design the appropriate Android app. Then, using an agile scrum methodology, GAP’s Android developers create your app quickly and efficiently.

As an Android development company, we’ve worked with a range of companies including healthcare, gaming, technology, banking and insurance companies. Android apps we’ve developed include:

  • Mobile access to personal medical records
  • Location tracking and information for race tracks
  • Promotional research and offers for software
  • New customer communities

Have an idea or business application that can be better served from the mobile convenience of an Android device? Contact us to learn how our Android developers and application development team can satisfy your business needs.

Other Services

Web/Cloud Applications

Latest technology and experience to create custom web applications that solve business problems.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Manual and QA automation for functional and regression testing. Ensure your software is “user ready”.

UX/UI and Visual Design

Our software development process starts with the customer experience. Let us delight your customers with Web and mobile apps.

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