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Retail • Interactive • .NET • Java • Linux

Profile: The Dell Global Retail group is responsible for the marketing of Dell PCs, laptops and mobile devices through all partners and channels around the world

Situation and Need: Dell developed an on-device, interactive marketing carousel to highlight features of Dell devices. While the concept worked as envisioned, the initial release suffered from installation difficulties and poor user experience. Partners and customers became frustrated.

The GAP Factor: Dell contacted GAP knowing GAP had a breadth of software development experience that might help. GAP quickly assessed the application and provided recommendations on UX workflow and technology enhancements. A live beta in a retail location validated direction and technical competency. Collaborating with Dell’s design firm, GAP produced two software products. A Windows-based Builder for installation and a Player app for Windows, Java and Linux devices. The improved user experience and technology structure eliminated previous challenges. Dell and its partners had the engaging, in-store marketing solution they envisioned.

Key Benefits: Usability Design (UX) – GAP’s years of UX experience ensured a technology workflow that supports Dell’s business objectives
Technology Breadth – GAP’s ability to develop and scale an application on a range of platforms provided the global deployment Dell required.
Business Collaboration – GAP’s business approach and team attitude was critical for success with Dell’s channel marketing and design partner.

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