Why Choose GAP? Not all Nearshore Partners are the Same!

Why Choose GAP? Not all Nearshore Partners are the Same!

In part one of our three-part series “Nearshoring – Why choose GAP?”, we discussed the fundamental benefits your business achieves by switching to a nearshore business model from an offshore business model.

As we discussed in the previous blog, nearshoring provides an attractive alternative to the “high cost of low cost,” of offshoring. The high cost of low-cost dilemma arises when the total cost of engagement (TCE) far exceeds the hourly rates of resources. Below is a recap of why GAP’s Nearshore model is the choice over traditional offshore models.

GAP’s Nearshore Model – Nearshore vs Offshore

  • Talent Pool – From Agile SAFE Specialists to data scientists to tech leads are key in technology practices, GAP builds teams of world-class engineers that deliver an exceptional client experience with an equal balance of quality and velocity along with very low turnover.
  • Time Zone/Easy Travel Zone – No more midnight phone calls; GAP’s LATAM teams are in similar time zones and are only a half-day of travel away.
  • Culture Fit – Our cultural, values, and belief systems are aligned – eliminating friction or miscommunication issues common in offshore models
  • Agile-Scrum Practice – Our agile mindset drives our culture. We embrace diversity of ideas, learning, improving and innovating.

These key attributes help business leaders decide the benefits needed when choosing a nearshore partner. However, there is more to consider when digging deeper into the decision-making process around who to choose. The exceptional experience our clients receive is not just a reflection of what we do, but who we are and how we perform. Let’s peel the onion back even further to help assist you in your decision making.

The GAP Experience


Our U.S. based nearshore model provides you with more than just a typical software development team. Transparency, tenacity, accountability and diversity of thought comprise the essential characteristics that define the quality of the work you receive when partnering with GAP. Whether you already operate on a nearshore model or are thinking of switching from the one you have, there are a few things you need to ask yourself about your current business relationship.

GAP’s Nearshore Model vs. Competitors Nearshore Model

  • Transparency – Are your nearshore partners accountable to your customers? Does your nearshore partner know how to fight early and discuss issues before they arise?
  • Tenacity – Does your business partner approach business problems first or last? When problems arise and they will, does your partner dig in or throw their hands up?
  • Accountability – Do you have to ask your nearshore partner what the problem is or do they lead a retrospective discussion to highlight the issue and offer ready solutions?
  • Diversity – Does your nearshore partner offer a variety of ideas and solutions to meet your needs?


GAP’s employees value their approach to open communication with customers but more importantly, the cross-collaboration among team members. Our engineers stay engaged in projects because they not only see but understand the importance their work has for our clients. Collaboration is vital but can be inefficient without the promise of goal-driven conversation about the success and challenges that projects will face along the way.

At GAP, our engineers get an exclusive insight by seeing the impact on the end-user their work creates. Therefore, even when the work is of a maintenance variety, they know the value it holds for our client and their customers. With unfettered access to all nearshore delivery talent throughout the delivery process, our clients effectively trust the productivity and effort provided to find and create the best scalable solutions at every step. Transparency at GAP means we operate on the ideology that we are not only accountable to our clients, but further, we are responsible for our client’s customers and how the product affects them. We value the open communication we instill as we develop a continuous relationship with our clients and their customers.  


Here at GAP, we invest in people for the long-term. We don’t hire engineers just to replace them later. We take pride in our ability to start and maintain long term relationships that extend far outside the workplace. We are accountable to one another, and our dedication to creating these relationships helps us maintain a very low turnover rate and continue to recruit new GAPsters.  

Our teams are held accountable across the board and they go the extra mile to ensure there are no surprises throughout the process. Delivery managers keep our teams in stride and focused on the day to day activities while our sales executive provides clear communication and understanding of customer business objectives as they change and grow. We know that change is inevitable, and our executive leadership team manages any conflicts throughout the process and makes sure that any transition or revision is not felt by the client. Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience.


At GAP, our teams maintain a business mindset throughout the entire process. We never start a project with a client by looking at our strongest tech stacks or areas that are typically conflict-free. We always start with the business problem and work backward to ensure our client’s needs are met. Our teams are constantly trying to get in front of the client to better understand and help them meet their long-term goals. We don’t back down from a challenge and we have the dedication to see everything through to the end of every project. Our agile mindset combined with our tenacious attitude allows our teams to provide scalable solutions within the delivery timeframe. We come in early, we stay late, and we know when and how to fight for those things that will make a measurable difference to our clients. When challenges arise, we speak up early, offer suggestions and persist in getting things back on track to successfully meet business objectives.  

With any big development project, there are times the work can become tedious or unexciting for our top-class engineers. However, it’s our tenacious attitude that pushes them to think about the importance of their work rather than the excitement factor from time to time. They focus on the big picture and approach every project with the mindset of not only meeting our client’s expectations but exceeding the expectations of that client’s customers.


GAP is founded on the principle that diversity of gender, age and culture is paramount to creating diversity of thought and ideas. That organizations who put this to into practice, deliver better products and become strategic partners. We hold fast to this principle in our hiring practices and challenge ourselves to produce the best results for our clients and their customers.

Our research-backed philosophy has not only created long-term partnerships with our clients but also has attracted top world-class talent Latin America has to offer. We don’t create diversity to follow trends or fads. Our mission at GAP has been to create the ultimate customer experience with fresh ideas, enhanced delivery, and phenomenal finished products; all of this can only be facilitated by our diverse workforce.  


We offer our customers the collective wisdom gained from decades of building, growing and running successful businesses to help you accelerate growth. Our tenacious attitude and transparent communications hold us accountable to our customers and each other, translating expectations to deliver solutions that meet your business objectives. We invite you to experience the people, process, pride, and performance of GAP. If any of this resonates with your software needs or you would like more information, complete our contact form and we will have a GAPster reach out to you!